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It’s about time we did something about sales of puppy mill animals in pet shops.

City Council members in West Hollywood, Calif are taking a step to vote on a proposal for pet stores to sell only rescue or shelter pets. Assisting the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the City of West Hollywood is Carole Davids of Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) who is drafting the ordinance, as well as providing evidence sufficient to cause the City Council to react.

Carole stated “we’ll send a strong message to abusive commercial breeders all over the nation”

Changes are being made in Indiana as well with movements to provide would-be buyers at pet stores with the animals background and medical informations. Proponents of the bill indicated that pet stores often put false claims that their dogs or cats were all from local breeders.

Even though change is in the process, because it is still legal, the best way to stop this ‘business’ is to stop purchasing these dogs from pet stores. Instead, adopt one from a shelter or rescue group. Its a life saved and one less puppy born into abuse.