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Dog Brings Home Human Foot

Lucky the Dog brings home human foot.
Lucky the Dog brings home human foot.

We all been there before, right? Let your dog run around, dog comes back with a human foot. Right? Yeah, me neither. Erica of Newberry Springs, California was not so lucky.

Kenn Bell
Dog Files Creator

Newberry Springs, California – If you let your dog roam free, you’re going to have to expect some surprises; some might be pleasant, most not. Erica, owner of Lucky the beagle, definitely got more than she bargained for on September 2, when the free-range pup brought home a particularly grisly trophy: a human foot with part of the leg bone attached.

“It didn’t seem like it was real…It was freaky, scary and I was in shock,” Erica told reporters. She immediately called the San Bernardino Sheriff’s office, who initiated a search along nearby Interstate 40. More remains were found, but authorities say that due to the condition of the remains, neither race nor gender can be determined. Missing persons reports are being researched and DNA tests initiated to try to determine the identity of the body.

Newberry Springs, where Lucky and Erica live, is a small community in the Mojave Desert, about 130 miles northeast of Los Angeles and about 20 miles east of Barstow.

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San Diego Dog Wash
10 years ago

It’s like a scene out of those horror suspense movies! We don’t hear these kinds of news that often. Maybe Lucky dug it somewhere?

pet rus
pet rus
10 years ago

expect some surprises?? Bloody Nora, that’s a heck of a surprise, if my dog brought home a human foot, i would probably have an attack

Pet Club India
Pet Club India
10 years ago

You never know what your dog is going to bring in.


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