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My Adventure At BlogPaws 2012 In Pictures

What can I say about BlogPaws 2012 that you can’t see in the photos below?

Well, how about the all the love everyone has for the pets? No, that’s quite apparent in the photos.

How about how much everyone enjoys learning and giving to each other? No, you can see that too.

How about the friends we create with fellow BlogPaws attendees? No, that’s in the photos too.

Well, one thing that you can’t see in the photos is all the work that Tom, Yvonne, Chloe and the whole BlowPaws Team have to do so that we can have an incredible, problem-free weekend. The Dog Files would like to give a big WOOF out to them for all their hard work and to all the great attendees who truly have a passion for animals. We all know how important pets are to our well-being and together, person by person, we WILL make the World a better, caring place for all of God’s creatures… not just the humans.

Click the photos to see a larger one!

The BlogPaws Team Speaks!
All attendees received a beautiful bag full of swag!
Even dogs came to my video production class!
This is my view when I teach, "Creating Videos From The Heart!"
I can make some strange faces when I teach. Hey, I'm passionate!
Having a conversation with Doc Halligan about PetArmor.
Did I say that PetArmor sponsored the Dog Files trip to BlogPaws? Couldn't have done it without them. Thanks, PetArmor!
A Boston Terrier peeking out of his comfy, portable home on wheels!
Another cute pup at BlogPaws 2012!
Tillman the skateboarding dog was there and he had his own bus! My dogs are jealous.

Natural Balance was out in force at BlogPaws 2012!
Norman the scooter dog showed us his skills!
Even the dogs listen when the great Dino Dogan talks Triberr and SEO!
Here I am introducing the premiere of Hero Dogs Of 9/11, a documentary I produced and directed.
Hero Dogs Of 9/11, a doc about the search and rescue dogs at Ground Zero, received a standing ovation! Truly, one of the humblest moments of my life.
I gave Mary Flood the first annual Dog Files Award for showing the World that dogs deserve our love, care and respect. She was at 9/11 with her now deceased dog, Jake. Behind her is SAR Team Lee Culley and Brutus.
Mary and Lee talk about the incredible work that they do. A very emotional moment.
The First Annual Dog Files Award!
From L to R: Mary Flood, BB, me, Lee Culley and Brutus. So proud to be a part of this special moment!
Dog Pacer teaching a pup with treats how to ride their treadmill.
Cutie Jasmine hanging out at BlogPaws 2012.
Talking with the incredible Lena West. Thanks for all the great tips, Lena!
Posing proudly with Tango the Fire Safety Dog. He and his pet parent, Dayna Hilton teach children fire safety!
Learning all about the inner makings of Pet Food with Hill's Dr. Daniel Aja, DVM.
Animal Planet's Who Let The Dogs Out was at BlogPaws filming!
Happy to meet the dapper Sheldon the Poodle and his pet parent, Rick Rockhill.
Hanging with Norman the Scooter Dog! Such a beautiful and friendly doggie! His pet parent, Karen Cobb is looking on behind the camera.
Preston, a West Highland Terrier rests with his Pet Parent, Brad Phelps.
So happy to meet Paige the Border Collie and her pet parent, Lauren Girard.
This is Wyatt, he's an awesome German Shepherd Dog that just happens to only have three legs. He's with Tripawds, a community for three-legged dogs and their pet parents. Did I say Wyatt rocks?!
Even Pit Bulls attended Blog Paws. Meet the beautiful Zoey. Her pet parent, Kelly Kaliszewski always had her looking pretty!

All in all BlogPaws 2012 was an incredible, life changing experience! I truly can’t wait for next year in Virginia. The only thing I’d change is making it last one day longer (hint, hint Chloe).

If you need Flea and Tick repellent check out the good folks at Pet Armor.

Max & Remy weren't too happy when I left for BlogPaws, but they were certainly happy when I returned with all this swag for them!
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10 years ago

It was so great to meet you, and these photos are wonderful. BlogPaws is truly unique. Your movie was amazing, I don’t think I saw a dry eye in the house.

Firefighter Dayna Hilton
Firefighter Dayna Hilton
10 years ago

So nice meeting you, Kenn. Tango really meeting you and getting lots of scratches behind the ears.

Amazing job on your documentary. Thank you for all that you do to bring awareness to and help animals.


Carole Pivarnik
10 years ago

I can’t wait until next year in VA, either! Hope to meet you there!


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