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Dog Nearly Electrocuted By Urinating on Light Pole

Hoboken Light Pole
Hoboken light pole where it all happened.

It’s a pee that Teddy Bear will probably never forget.

Last Thursday, the 2-year-old Bull Mastiff was nearly electrocuted when he relieved himself on a light pole in a local park on Hoboken, New Jersey that was missing the metal plate meant to cover its wiring.

According to the owner, Teddy Bear came in contact with an exposed wire in the light pole and immediately jumped into the air, laying on the ground motionless.

The owner called the police, who arrived to find Teddy Bear had thankfully regained consciousness and did not seem to be badly injured.

The police then inspected the light pole, which had a section near the base with exposed wiring. Police noted that it had been taped over with electrical tape, but had become compromised over an unknown amount of time.

According to a City Parks Department official, the base plate of the light pole was stolen and was taped over because the part can no longer be replaced.

The official also stated that all light poles in the park have now been checked and caution tape has been placed around the poles that are missing plates.

By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

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11 years ago

Poor, poor dog!!!…How interesting is this that there is a playground right there as well!?! I wonder how long it would take the fair city of Hoboken to figure out that something more than ‘tape’ around where there are missing pieces just won’t ‘do’! Are they waiting for a child to die from electrocution?

11 years ago
Reply to  charluci

This is dangerous for all!

11 years ago

Bet he won’t pee on anymore light poles! Lucky dog, glad he is okay!


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