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How Do You Get Your Dog Off Death Row?

AustraliaHow Do You Get Your Dog Off Death Row? By Stealing Him Back

A man from Perth, Australia was desperate to get his beloved dog off death row and did the only thing he could think of to save his dog’s life.

He broke into the pound where the dog was being held after a savage attack and stole him back.

The owner, Rocco Arfuso and two other men, cut a hole in the kennel’s fence and forced open a kennel door using a crowbar. Unfortunately for Arfuso however, the whole incident was captured on camera.

The dog, a Japanese Akita named Kunza, was declared dangerous after he mauled an elderly man’s hand and bit off one of his son’s fingers when he tried to help his father during the attack

Arfuso pled guilty to aggravated burglary and stealing on August 4 last year and appeared for sentencing at Perth Magistrates Court on Monday where he was given eight months in jail.

During the sentencing, Arfuso’s attorney Mark Andrews stated that Arfuso built a “close relationship” with the dog after his fiancé died of an asthma attack and that a psychological report deemed him as impulsive, suicidal and unable to cope with poor reasoning ability. He said his personality was plagued with anxiety and resentment and that Arfuso’s motivating factor in the crime was to prevent Kunza from being euthanized and that the great escape was an “amateurish way to recover the animal”.

The story however, doesn’t end there.

In a remarkable twist, Andrews then told the court that police had seized the wrong dog and that Kunza is still at large.

Andrews told the court that the vet who was to euthanize Kunza noticed it was the wrong canine because it had a different personality and markings, was older and lighter.

“The real Kunza was a very large dog weighing some 50 to 60 kilos, never wagged its tail and was always on guard” Andrews said.

Andrews said the innocent dog was completely the opposite, with a happy disposition and always wagging its tail.

Arfuso meanwhile maintained at his sentencing that it was his dog that had been seized and that he had never been asked to identify the animal.

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