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German Shepherd Saved From Freezing Hudson River By NYPD Divers

Owner Mark Stoss said two NYPD divers jumped into the water to save his dog Chloe (pictured left).

By Ben Fractenberg For DNAInfo

MANHATTAN — Two NYPD divers dove into the frigid Hudson River Friday morning to save a 4-year-old German Shepard that had fallen into the water near Chelsea Piers.

The dog’s owner Mark Stoss, 42, said he was walking home along Pier 59 to the boat he lives on around 10:00 a.m., when he heard a strange sound.

“I was walking down the dock and I heard squeaking. I just knew,” said Stoss, who was on the way back from frighting a dog-walking ticket in court. “Her head was barely above the water.”

Stoss said he then held his dog, Chloe, above water while calling 911. He said he didn’t pull the dog up himself because he was worried she was caught on something in the water.

While he waited, two men working on a nearby barge ran over to help.

“I couldn’t stand there and watch the dog freeze,” said one of the workers, Tim, who would only give his first name.

While one of the workers ran back to get a wetsuit, the NYPD arrived and two divers jumped into the water to rescue the dog, the police said.

They pulled Chloe out unharmed.

Stoss said he wasn’t sure how the dog fell off the boat, but said the pooch swam at least 50 yards around the boat to the dock.

“She was swimming towards people,” said Stoss. “Dogs are really smart.”

After the rescue Stoss took his dog back to the boat to warm up.

“She was shaking as they pulled her out of the water,” said Stoss, who said he’s been bringing her temperature back up slowly. “She’s doing good.”

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11 years ago

To serve and protect. That’s what you hear when talking about the police. But to dive in freezing water. That’s wonderful. I thank you for being men who will do such a thing for a dog. Even if you are divers, some don’t care. As a k9 mom you renew my faith in human kind.


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