Pet Owner Opens Business To Help Pay for Dogs’ Cloning

Peter Onruang of Los Angeles, California really loves his dogs. He loves his dogs so much he wants them around as long as their health will allow them…and even beyond that.

Onruang took measures to preserve the genetic material of his two beloved pet dogs, his terrier mix, Wolfie, who sadly passed in 2009 at the age of 15, and Wolfie’s sister, Bubble, in the hopes that he could have them cloned at some point in the future.

Before the expensive cloning procedure could actually be performed however, Onruang had to raise some money. So he did what any determined pet owner would do–Onruang founded a company, Hollywood Paintball, with the express purpose of raising the money — to the tune of $310,000.

Onruang says a South Korean company was paid for the cloning procedure and he now awaits the births of the Wolfie and Bubble clones. (He plans to call the puppies Wolfie and Bubble, if you’re wondering.)

Of course, pet-cloning isn’t for everyone — beyond the expense, there’s the not-insignificant detail that the cloned dog isn’t the original. no matter how much its owner may want it to be. Plus, as many dog lovers already know, there are untold thousands of non-cloned dogs in need of homes, and they don’t cost a hundred grand!

Onruang is undeterred by all that, though — he just wants the closest thing possible to his original dogs and he expects to have a clone (or clones) of Wolfie later this year. He also maintains a website through which he dispenses advice about the dog-cloning process.

By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

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12 years ago

GRRRRR……so many homeless babies in need of a good and loving home….and that money could go so far to help so many…
just my opinion…
just sayin’….


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