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Guide Dog Leads Friend to Better Life

Alan Gunzburg and Fia, his 7 year-old guide dog and constant companion. Photo By Laura Buckman

By Julie Curtis for

Imagine spending the better part of your life with perfectly adequate vision — adequate enough, in fact, that you rarely gave it a second thought. Then, midway through adulthood, your vision simply began to fade away.

That’s what happened to Alan Gunzburg. The 51 year-old Cos Cob resident learned around age 30 that he had a heretofore undetected hereditary disease, retinitis pigmentosa. It’s a genetic disorder that at first affects peripheral and night vision but then progresses to an overall decline in sight. “It was a challenge to move from being a completely independent person to one who needed help with everything from driving a car to pouring a cup of tea,” he says. A father of two girls, he could no longer work. But Alan was not eager to settle for a life of doing nothing for himself.

After attending years’ worth of meetings for people with disabilities and befriending an inspiring group of meeting-goers and dedicated volunteers, Alan was introduced to a representative from Fidelco Guide Dogs, a 50 year-old, Connecticut-based non-profit organization that arranges in-home/community placement of highly trained guide dogs for impaired or disabled people. He was accepted into the program a few months after applying (having generated enough criteria — a wave of personal and doctors’ referrals — to prove his emotional fitness and physical need).

Fia, his seven year-old, 60-pound German shepherd and Alan have been constant companions throughout the four years since. “Fidelco helped integrate Fia into my house and my life. They came with her and asked me hundreds of questions and they shared their knowledge about how to make Fia a part of my family.” He adds, “She came into my house, looked at me, rolled over and gave me her belly. It was a life-changing bond,” says Alan.

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