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Olympic Champion Michael Phelps’ New Swimming Buddy

Stella looking very happy!

Baltimore, Maryland – Even celebrities have trouble resisting a cute furry face. Last November, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was a guest on the Today show. Correspondent Jill Rappaport was scheduled to present several pets for her popular segment, “Bow to Wow,” that day as well, and asked Phelps to help out by walking a dog onto the plaza outside. The dog was 9-month-old Catahoula mix Penelope, and the two made an instant connection. By the end of the show, Phelps had decided to bring Penelope home.

Penelope, renamed Stella, joined Phelps’ bulldog Herman and the three get along… well, swimmingly. Phelps says he plans to teach Stella how to swim, but he’s been a little busy since it got warm enough to take her into the water – that whole training-for-the-Olympics thing can really keep a dog daddy occupied.

Written by Mikki Hooven

Michael, Stella & Herman

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catahoula girl
catahoula girl
8 years ago

Catahoulas are fabulous swimmers, they have webbed paws all the way to the tips of their toes!!!

8 years ago

I love my Catahoula mix Starla!

8 years ago

I used to have a catahoula too, Clarence was the greatest swimmer


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