Dog Leads Rescuer To Trapped Master

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By Drew C. Wilson For

Havelock, North Carolina — It could have been a scene right out of the classic TV show “Lassie,” but this time the hero was a little fox terrier named Dottie.

The 4-year-old black, white and brown dog is credited with bringing help to her master after he had fallen while on a walk at Flanners Beach over the weekend.

“She’s my little hero,” said Glenn Walker, 88, of Havelock, recalling the event Sunday in which he was helpless in some rocks and brush for more than four hours.

Walker had taken Dottie on a leash down to the banks of the Neuse River to see how she’d react to the salt water.

“We were walking down by the river, and it was mighty hot and I decided to head back toward some shade,” Walker said. “I was climbing over those rocks to get into the shade and I fell down and I couldn’t get up. I think I must have had a minor heat stroke. I don’t know.”

Walker, a 22-year Marine Corps veteran who served in World War II and Korea, said he was too weak to stand after the fall.

“I didn’t have any strength,” he said.

He still had Dottie by the leash, but as the hours slipped by without anyone noticing his plight, Walker let the dog go.

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