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Stunning Dog Photography #1

dog dreams

Happy Dog

Dog Staring At Me In NYC Traffic

Dog Intelligence

Circus Dog

5 of 5 Dog Puzzle Virginia Hiramatsu 09Nov2009

Day 350/365 - A little boy and his dog

Hot dogs

Even dogs get the blues

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Watch the video below to learn how to take better photos of your dogs!

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11 years ago

I want to hug and kiss them all! Dog kisses are the best!

11 years ago

They're ALL great shots, I especially like the first one. But, for the Best- I'm gonna' have to go with the Golden Retriever in the snow-he's got that”Hey Buddy, Let's Play!” look on hes face!

Laure-Anne Visele
Laure-Anne Visele
11 years ago

Great photos! Could I possibly submit some stuff of my own for inclusion in this great gallery? (am on

Kenn Bell
11 years ago

Sure Laura, send your pics to [email protected]

ahmed mohtaseb
ahmed mohtaseb
11 years ago

I love the second photo of the dog looking at the landscape. Looks like he's about to go for a run! All of them are great pictures!

Jack Price
Jack Price
11 years ago

Great photos!

10 years ago

I love the picture of the boy and his dog in front of the old building. Great job!

Vet Clinic san francisco

I especially like the first and the last pics, but they are all wonderful.

9 years ago

The harimistzu(?) one brought me to tears…looks just like my shih Tzu i just lost….r.i.p. mittens


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