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Dog That Mauled Port Angeles, Washington Boy Won't Be Euthanized

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I believe this is the right decision. As the story says, this dog was a severely beaten, fearful dog and the fault goes to the owner. We hope the boy has a swift recovery and his father sees the error of his ways.

We also hope the dog, Jack has a happy, peaceful life at the sanctuary.

— Kenn

By John de Leon for The Seattle Times

A dog that mauled an 11-year-old boy while the child’s father was away stealing a motorcycle last month will not be put down, according to the Peninsula Daily News.

Jack, a 50-pound Labrador retriever mix, will be allowed to live at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, where he has been staying since shortly after the attack, Port Angeles Police Chief Terry Gallagher tells the Daily News. “It’s a place that specializes in caring for dogs such as Jack,” Gallagher said.

When animal sanctuary Director Steve Markwell took in Jack about three weeks ago from an animal shelter in Port Angeles, where the dog had been quarantined, “he flinched a lot,” Markwell said, “You can tell he’s been pretty badly abused,” Markwell told the Daily News.

Jack is one of 80 dogs at the sanctuary.

Jack bit the Port Angeles boy on his face, hands and arms on Feb. 3 in an unprovoked attack. The dog’s owner and boy’s father, Matthew B. Sims, allegedly left the boy alone to steal a motorcycle, police said. He is serving three months in Clallam County jail for dangerous dog attack and possession of a stolen vehicle.

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11 years ago

Yep, the gene pool just gets shallower and shallower. “Unprovoked attack”. Uh huh. Children learn at the feet of their parents……..just sayin'. So glad poor Jack is somewhere better.

11 years ago

Anyone want to bet whether a pit bull would have been given the same opportunity to go to a sanctuary? Labs are “always” sweet & pits are “always” vicious. Glad they're sparing the life of this dog, though. I just wish all breeds would be treated equally…

10 years ago
Reply to  Jennifer

As a resident of Port Angeles I will say that we have come along way. Not so long ago, a pit bull or pit bull cross that had the misfortune of ending up at the county humanity society would be “put down” no questions asked. Now it is a no kill shelter. People who love their pit dogs in this area work worked very hard to change public opinion. That came with a unseen downside.Alot of people wanted and got pits then changed heir minds. The sad side is that most of the dogs in the shelter, BY FAR !!! are pit bulls 🙁 I don’t buy in to the “unprovoked attack”. The dog is doing well. thank goodness. Just wish people would be a forgiving and loving as ….well as dogs. Sure would be a better world.


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