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Dog Missing After Wanted Man Steals Car

benji_1This artiicle comes from the

By Michelle Boudin

A couple’s car is stolen with their dog in the backseat. Now, they’ve learned the suspect is wanted in at least 12 states.

The couple is desperate to get their dog back. And authorities from Georgia to South Carolina and Indiana are desperate to get their hands on the South Carolina man, who they say is wreaking havoc across the U.S.

“There’s a lot of good people in this world,” Linda Schneider said on Wednesday, as she choked back tears.

She is hoping one of them will find her dog, Benji.

“He slept between us for the last nine years. He’s our whole life,” she said.

The dog’s nose prints are still on the window near where he slept at the Schneiders’ home, but the Bichon Frise is gone.

Schneider said, “We were gone 20 minutes. We had left our Honda CRV with our pet Benji. When we came out it was gone.”

The couple had just bought a house in Mooresville and were headed back to sell their New York home when police believe Jason Osborne stole their car from the Jonesville, N.C., Cracker Barrel parking lot.

Linda’s husband Bob admits he left the car running with the keys in it, because he wanted Benji to be comfortable. He says he just never imagined running into someone like Osborne.

“He’s a one-man crime wave and needs to be rounded up,” Bob Schneider said.

Police in at least 12 states are looking for Osborne. In Spartanburg, S.C., detectives think he’s responsible for dozens of property crimes.

State troopers in Ohio briefly caught up with Osborne, driving the Schneiders’ stolen car. But he ditched the car and the police in a high-speed chase.

“I think he’s a scumbag,” Linda Schneider said. “They found our car and the first question we asked was if Benji was there and he wasn’t.”

Osborne is still on the run and Benji is still missing.

“We have all kinds of hope,” Schneider said. “We cannot give up when we get e-mails and calls every day from that area from people looking, everybody praying for a good outcome for Benji.”

Benji has a microchip, so the Schneiders are hopeful when he is found he’ll get home.

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Gift Dog
13 years ago

My heart goes out to Linda and Bob and I hope they get Benji back safe and well… and soon.

Gift Dog
13 years ago

My heart goes out to Linda and Bob and I hope they get Benji back safe and well… and soon.


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