Potato barks out his answer to the math question.

Meet Potato, the math whiz from the Jiangsu province of China. But this Chinese math whiz is different. This one is a dog.

Lu Zesheng is the owner of the two year old Samoyed which is trained to add, subtract, multiply and divide. He is all over Chinese media, with videos showing off his not just pretty but also a very clever dog, giving correct answers to several tough math questions.

The concept is that Lu poses a question and Potato barks the answer. For example when asked “How much is 3.44 plus 3.56?”, the dog gives the result by barking seven times.

Another video shows Potato barking 16 times when is asked the side numbers of China’s first aircraft carrier.

According to the owner, the dog as well as being able to solve math problems, is amazingly good at memorizing mobile phone number and people’s ages.

Apart from impressing people and giving joy to his owner, Potato enjoys a normal happy life with games and walks, everything that keeps a dog satisfied.

Written by Aggeliki Makri