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Dogs In New Zealand Can Drive!

Okay, maybe not all dogs, but three of them can! Gotta love this story.

We have some breaking news! All three dogs have passed their driving tests and two of them have already been adopted.

Kenn Bell
Dog Files Creator

A dog trainer in New Zealand has taught three rescue dogs how to drive a car!

Monte, Porter and Ginny trained for eight weeks and can now drive a Mini Countryman which was modified to be driven by a dog.

The aim was to show people that dogs in a shelter are just as bright and teachable as any other dog. They also hope that this will encourage people to adopt instead of breeding dogs.

Marc Lallanilli said that “research has found that the average dog is about as smart as a 2-year-old child.” Monte, Porter and Ginny must be even smarter than the average dog. They are creating such a wonderful reputation for rescue dogs!

What’s next for these rescue dogs? National television! Porter will demonstrate his ability to drive for all to see in December. Good luck, Porter, dog lovers around the world are already proud of you!

Written by Ivanna Chetty

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9 years ago

What happens if the see a squirrel? Or a cat? I don’t thing dogs can drive up trees 🙂

9 years ago

OMG! This is too much!! 🙂

San Diego Puppy
San Diego Puppy
9 years ago

Wow. This is simply amazing. I’m speechless. What type of training did they have? Maybe I could also teach my dogs on how to drive me to work.

Online RSA
9 years ago

The German Shepherds are so intelligent and learns so readily that it has been used as a sheepdog, guard dog, in police work, as a guide for the blind, in search and rescue service and in the military. It’s heartwarming to know that they have reunited.


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