1. BC says

    The video violated YouTube’s terms of service? Obviously someone missed the clause about not putting dogs and citrus together in a video clip.

  2. Wrennie24 says

    Even though this video is cute, and the pups moves are so adorable, I don’t think this is a very responsible thing to post on-line. Although, I believe there was no harm intended, the use of a sour, bitter substance to get a reaction from a puppy is somehow mean-spirited, although I don’t think the individual thought it through very much. It would be a different situation if the lemon was obtained accidentally and not by intention, and not put on video,then I do see the humor in it. I am not an animal activist person, but I worry about others who would see this, and get ideas to elicit reaction on Youtube with far more dangerous substances. These lame-brains would get their kicks from an innocent dog or other animal toying around with something very undesirable or toxic to their unsuspecting victim–this would be pathetic. Unfortunately sick grown-ups (in age only) and impressionable children are watching, and producing these things and getting ideas all in the pursuit of —entertainment??? Pleases think through more than just the laugh you’ll get.

  3. Wrennie24 says

    I believe this is such a cute puppy and his moves are adorable, but I think it is somewhat misguided. Although I’m sure the owner meant no harm–I just think that the concept of giving an innocent puppy or any other animal an unpleasant substance to elicit a reaction is somewhat mean-spirited, although if this was the result of the dog getting this on his own (or accidentally, without it being filmed, I would see the humor in it. I’m by no means an animal activist, but there are just too many lame-brained “adults” (in age only!!), and impressionable youth who would get their kicks watching or producing something like this with a far more toxic or dangerous substance to an innocent animal–I think we should be more responsible-minded when it comes to how these things are perceived, although I agree this puppy is the cutest!!

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