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Dogs May Not Be Welcome In Business District of Pennsylvania Town

Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania – Ten blocks of a western Pennsylvania town may soon be off-limits to canines. Beaver Falls is keen to revitalize the downtown area, and the city council has focused on a few key issues they need to address. While local residents cite problems with prostitution and drug-related crime, city officials say they may start by getting rid of the dogs.

Officials believe that potential customers are being frightened away from downtown businesses because dogs are sometimes left tied to parking meters by their owners. According to City Manager Steve Johnson, some of the dogs are “as big as ponies” and are “creating a nuisance and also startling the elderly.”

The council is also concerned about numerous complaints they’ve received about pet owners not picking up after their dogs.

“When I walk, I try to walk daily, I tell you I get disgusted because people aren’t cleaning up after their dogs, after animals,” said council member John “Chuckie” Kirkland. “They got to clean up.”

Johnson doesn’t want people to think that Beaver Falls is anti-dog, however.

“It’s not that anybody on the council doesn’t like dogs,” he said. “I like dogs. We certainly don’t want to discourage people from having a dog. It’s just that many dog owners are being irresponsible and ruining things for everybody.”

While some residents support the ban, others feel it is unnecessary, and that the city may be taking things too far.

“Some people treat their dogs just like family members and you don’t want to do that to your family member,” said Beaver Falls resident Andre Milliner. “So, let’s just have a little law, don’t leave your dog unattended.”

Gary Davis, a retiree who helps out at his sister’s downtown furniture store, called the idea a “waste of time.”

“What they need to do is patrol the street,” he said.

The possible ban is still being researched, and the council doesn’t expect to take formal action until later this year.

Story by Mikki Hooven

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Jan Trettin
10 years ago

Extremism does not work to any good end but alienation. The problems cited are more than likely caused by a quite small percentage of dog owners. Maybe someone in the business district should open up a pet drop off center where dogs play, exercise, and socialize while their owners shop. Then the dogs don’t have to be tied to meters. I’ve thought about doing something like this as a business or “club” and have a lot of ideas, but of course no capital. 🙂

Joyce Henderson
Joyce Henderson
10 years ago

Start fining people for leaving dogs tied up, not picking the poo up, for the pet not being on a leash, etc., etc., etc.. City would earn money while pet owners would begin developing responsiblity………..but wait………….that’s not what this country is about anymore: responsibility!

Sarah Bennett Tunks
10 years ago

This is it what BSL gets you! People thought it wouldn’t lead to broader BS laws like this? Surprise …

E Klauz
E Klauz
10 years ago

It is not dogs problem ,owners are problem but poor animals are guilty all the time…BS decision, go after owners and stop complaining

Michael Haslam
10 years ago

Completely over the top, why do authorities think the rights of dog owners and dogs
aren’t important. Discrimination as usual.

Carla Jean Page
10 years ago

boycot beaver falls pennsylvania do not spend your tourist dollars in this dog hating town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Blow
Joe Blow
9 years ago

I was in Annapolis, MD this week end. Same crap. Keep your slobbering animals at home. I don’t want to walk down the side walk avioding slobber. You dog people have takien it too far. They are animals, they’re not your kids, even though you may feel that way. Keep them off the street.


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