A pet owner has come forward to say her dog was a victim of animal traps. This is the second case made public in a matter of days.

Gregory Tyra of Mount Sterling admitted to setting animal traps in Garrard Park in Bourbon County.

One of those traps killed a pet dog, who was caught in the trap while on a walk. Since then, police in Bourbon County have found more animal traps at the public park, and now, more pet owners have come forward.

Jacqueline Muth’s dog, Billy Boy, died almost a month ago after he was caught in an animal trap. “I was screaming, I was hysterical. I was helpless,” says Muth. Since then, Muth has been begging for justice. “He was just a very loving boy. And he didn’t know a stranger. There’s a tag on the trap, the serial number is on the tag. And that was enough to lead them to Greg Tyra.”

Tyra was arrested this past week and admitted to setting the trap that killed a dog in Bourbon County.

When the dog reached inside the animal trap, it snapped on his head, killing Billy Boy almost instantly. “There were kids right across the creek at the time that it happened. They could have gotten caught! And believe me it can do tremendous damage,” says Muth.

But for Muth, the damage has already been done.

Tyra is being held at the Bourbon County Detention Center for carrying a concealed deadly weapon.