pit bull burns paws

A Pit Bull had been left to suffer burns on the scorching roof of a city building in Berks County, Pennsylvania for 10 hours before it was discovered and brought to the Animal Rescue League of Berks County.

“The pads on his feet are now completely burned off,” said Barrie A. Pease, president of the board of directors at the shelter. He said the Rescue League has not been able to find the owner of the dog, which was found Tuesday evening on the roof of a building.

“He’s a sweetheart and well-behaved, so we know he has an owner,” Pease said.

ARL Executive Director Harry D. Brown III said the Pit Bull also had burned nipples, suggesting that he tried to lay down on the hot roof because his feet were in so much pain.

Brown said the dog was discovered when Reading, Pennsylvania police called the shelter to inform them the Pit Bull was stranded on a roof. He said once the shelter’s on-call employee arrived at the building, the dog had been brought down to the porch and was panting a lot and obviously dehydrated.

“Our vet washed (his wounds) out, then put medication on them, wrapped him up and put him on antibiotics and (other) medication,” Brown said. “When he walks, you can tell it hurts him.”

However, the Pit Bull, which Brown says is probably about 2 years old, is expected to make a full recovery.

“It’s just going to take a little time,” he said.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files