McDonald's Manager Accused Of Punching Customer Over Sons’ Service Dog

An arrest warrant has been issued for the manager of a Marietta Georgia McDonald’s after she punched a mother of two autistic boys in the face. The reason?…the boys’ service dog.

The manager, Tiffany Denise Allen, told the woman that the twin boys’ service dog, Barkley, wasn’t allowed inside. The law however, states that service dogs are allowed inside.

The boys’ mother, Jennifer Schwenker, said the incident took place on July 12 when she took the boys to the McDonald’s to have lunch.

A surveillance tape shows one of the twins and Barkley enjoying the restaurant’s play area. The family was about to leave when Allen told them there were no dogs allowed.

Schwenker explained to Allen that Barkley is a service dog, allowed by federal law in all public places including restaurants. Schwenker offered to provide proof of the permit for the dog. Apparently however, that wasn’t enough for Allen as the tape then shows her following the family around the McDonald’s, even down the hall to the restroom.

But when Schwenker tried to leave, she lost track of one of the boys. In a panic, she threw her drink on the floor and it splashed on Allen. The tape then shows Allen running after Schwenker in a rage.

After viewing the tape, Marietta Georgia police Detective Gwen Lewis stated that she’s never seen anything like it.

Schwenker’s husband said they are talking to a lawyer.

Allen is charged with battery assault and disorderly conduct.

JM and Jan Owens, who run the store where the incident occurred, released a statement:

“At our McDonald’s restaurant, we respect and value our customers. Their safety and well-being is always a top priority.

“We strive to comply with all applicable laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is our policy to make our restaurants accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities and special needs, whether or not they need the assistance of service animals.

“We are fully cooperating with the police department in their investigation, and the individual involved is no longer employed by our company. ”

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files

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Sue Bowman
Sue Bowman
12 years ago

OMG, that so called manager isn’t too bright. Service animals are allowed in all kinds off businesses as far as I know. That’s the first mistake she made. Getting in that woman’s face and hitting her instead of seeing that it was an accident in the first place is just her own fault. I sure hope she gets a job where she’s no longer working with the public.


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