President Obama Meets Navy Seal Dog Involved In Bin Laden Mission

Belgian Malinois with K9 Storm Intruder Vest.

Belgian Malinois with K9 Storm Intruder Vest.

On Friday, President Obama met with the Navy Seals that took down Osama Bin Laden to thank them for a job well done.

He also met a certain four-legged member of the Seals that took out bin Laden, a Belgian Malinois named Cairo.

A specially trained military dog, Cairo hit the ground with the Seals to help alert them to any hidden threats. He’s also the only member of the team to be identified by name.

The Seals were awarded the Presidential Unit Citation, the highest honor that can be given to a unit in recognition of their extraordinary service and achievement. Cairo didn’t get an award, but we think he’d prefer a big juicy steak

Dog Runs Through Water

Doggie Night Vision

Illustration and Photos © K9Storm


  1. says

    I hope Cairo got his steak , I know a medal will mean nothing to Cairo but a medal for him would be an important acknowlegement of the importance of dogs and their service to humanity and a blow against the advocates of discriminatory laws against dogs.

    • Car;a says

      The soldiers need the dogs, they can do what no human can and their love and loyalty can keep the troops going.  I do think, though, that once a handler and dog have bonded that the dog should automatically go home with the soldier when the deployment is done.  And we must Never again do what was done to the War Dogs of Viet Nam, who were abandoned and left behind.  Their handlers have never gotten over the grief of that betrayal and we must not forget it. 

  2. says

    Dogs unlike people are honest and loyal. Never met a dog who lied to me and I’d rather have a dog be my partner in any high risk work. Thanks for posting the photos about this “team member.”

  3. k9jayne says

    Cairo should have been recognized! He was robbed! The award wouldn’t mean anything to him, but the recognition for his service, and the recognition of the deep connection between humans and dogs is important to be recognized. It would help to underscore the barbarity of animal abuse. Thank you Cairo, for your bravery and service!! xoxoxo

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