Marine’s Rescued Dogs Denied Flights, Wrigley Heiress Charters Private Jet


SSgt. Andrew Morales rescued two puppies while deployed in Afghanistan in 2011 after their ears and tails had been docked to prepare the Anatolian Shepherds for a future in dog fighting. The dogs became his best friends during the tough deployment.

Flown around the world, now stranded

The fight Morales went through to be able to have his canine companions transferred to the U.S. to live with his family was not easy. So when he was told the large shepherds were too large to fly on a commercial flight, Morales knew he had to get creative again.

The Morales family had been reassigned from California to North Carolina at Camp Lejeune, but it was unclear how the rescued litter mates, Dusty and Wyatt, would make the trip when they were informed of the size restrictions.

Wrigley Heiress Angel

Morales called the rescue league that had initially helped bring the dogs back from Afghanistan, and they made an online appeal on the family’s behalf. Unbelievably, Helen Rosburg, the great-granddaughter of chewing gum industrialist William Wrigley, saw the post on Facebook and knew she had to get involved.

“He’s fought for our freedom and he’s a hero because he rescued two dogs,” said Rosburg.

Helen A. Rosburg, self-described animal lover.
Helen A. Rosburg, self-described animal lover.

The Wrigley gum heiress is a self-professed animal lover who has a soft spot for animal rescues, at-risk youth and for those who serve our country. She raises German Shepherds and has founded her own animal rescue organization, On the Wings of Angels Rescue.

Thanks to Rosburg, the Andrew Morales flew with his wife Kristen, baby daughter Adrianna and their beloved dogs on a private plane from the west coast, arriving Sunday afternoon.

“From the bottom of me and my wife’s hearts, we really appreciate what she did for us,” said Morales. They hope to be able to express their gratitude in person one day.

Rosburg, who lives in Florida, said she hopes she will be able to meet the family, including the rescued dogs, the next time she is in North Carolina.

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