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Dog Survives Mexican Machete Attack, Needs Home In Toronto Area

Hule Machete Dog

One crooked stitch runs from ear to ear over the back of Hule’s shaved scalp. Another traverses her forehead before sealing shut her left eye.

But if her post-operation pictures are any indication, this doe-eyed, golden brown cocker spaniel is going to be all right.

Two weeks ago, Hule (pronounced “oolay,” which means “rubber” in Spanish) lay in a Cancun, Mexico veterinary hospital, the victim of a machete attack in Bonfil, a nearby town. After three hours of surgery, Hule was left with thick sutures and only one eye.

Now the 2-year-old dog is in Toronto, where she will receive more surgery to dislodge chunks of skull from her brain — and also a new home.

On Wednesday night, her flight arrived at Pearson airport, where she was met by a representative from CANDi, a British Columbia-based organization that saves and rehabilitates stray dogs and cats in Mexico and the Caribbean.

“I can’t even tell you how absolutely adorable (Hule) is,” said Doris Wohl from the airport. “She’s only got one eye, she’s a little nervous, naturally, but she’s very alert.”

CANDi, or Cats and Dogs International, had been operating a temporary animal clinic in Cancun at the time of the incident.

The details of the attack remain sketchy. According to CANDi founder Darci Galati, the dog’s 21-year-old owner, who was drunk and enraged that his wife had left him, took his anger out on Hule, lacerating the animal’s head and leaving it to die in his front yard.

A CANDi animal clinic volunteer by chance discovered the dog lying in a pool of blood.

Despite the machete slashing, Galati said Hule has not shied away from people.

Now in Toronto, the cocker spaniel will be put up for foster care as she undergoes neurological testing at a local veterinary clinic. But while the dog’s cross-continental journey is reaching a conclusion, Wohl said CANDi is not ready to place Hule with a new owner just yet.

“There is a bit of a road to recovery,” she said.

If you would like to know more about Hule or have interest in adopting her, contact Doris Wohl at 416-817-3946

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10 years ago

Savages…..someone should crack the person in the head with a machete and see how they feel.

10 years ago

I want the drunk HUSBAND’s head sliced off with a machete

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10 years ago

That is very kind of you to write this share for us, thanks a lot

stephanie foley
stephanie foley
10 years ago

Sad, that people like that exist.

Linda Moch
10 years ago

This poor innocent baby, that cretin should be put down, the coward. not much of a man, I hope he gets his just reward and payback. God this makes me so angry, praying for this angel, I hope a human can show this baby some kindness.


10 years ago

I read this kind of horror story and think: thank god for the rescuers all over the world, and for the internet who can get a story out to the millions of decent people out there who can give this baby a wonderful life.


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