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Mother Of Dog Attack Victim In France Speaks Out Against Brigitte Bardot

The mother of a four-year-old girl who was severely attacked by a Pit Bull Terrier in France has hit out at the actress Brigitte Bardot, who has called for the dog’s life to be saved.

The dog known as Prince, which was handed over to the local council in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France by its owners, is due to be put down after the attack last month that left the child, Carmen, with injuries to her forehead, eyes and ears. Her nose was also badly damaged.

Despite the attack, Ms Bardot, who runs an animal rights foundation, has said the dog should not be killed, and has written to the town’s mayor to criticize its now solitary living conditions

“We need to release this dog from hell,” Ms Bardot told the French newspaper La Voix du Nord. “He’s in total isolation; he sees no one.”

But Ms Bardot’s concerns for the dog have not gone down well with Carmen’s parents. “It’s unacceptable,” her mother told French media. ” just there to defend the dog and she does not have the right to play down my daughter’s injuries. My daughter tells me every day that she looks like a monster.”

The “And God Created Woman” star argues that, having ended the death penalty for humans, France should not put animals to death, adding in an appeal to the town’s mayor that solitary confinement could well send the dog mad or make it simply give up and die. The mayor has responded to Ms Bardot’s letter by inviting her to visit Boulogne-sur-Mer to see for herself the quality of the dog-house.

The dog’s owner – identified only as Johnny – and the parents of its victim, meanwhile, have started legal proceedings against the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA). They say they were not told that Prince, who under his previous name Ulk, partially devoured the corpse of his previous owner who had died of natural causes last September.

The dog’s defenders have said that this was a survival instinct, and at the time, police classed him as “necrophagous by necessity”.

On the SPA website, Prince was described as “a good sort, easy to get on with”, although it was not advised for people with families.

The SPA says it told the new owner about the previous incident, but the owner denies this.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files

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10 years ago

Gee….I don’t know what to say!!  If they no longer put people to death for the most heinous of crimes, then I say the same should go for animals.  He would have to be fenced in with no way to escape.  But he could live his life out with his family and not be able to harm anyone else!!  I feel very bad for this innocent little girl and I hope they can repair her injuries completely!!  God bless you sweetie!!

10 years ago

I am a huge animal lover and am for protecting all animals. But we also have to be realistic. When a dog attacks and severly injures a child, that dog cannot be trusted. I don’t know the circumstances, but, with so many animals to be saved, saving a dog that attacks people cannot be at the top of list. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made. I know this view may not be popular, but I think realistic.  If there was a way to keep the dog away from adults and children he/she doesn’t know then maybe he/she can live the rest of her/his life out.   Would require diligent care that this never happens again.

Jeff Moreno
10 years ago

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