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New York Man Arrested For Shooting Dogs With Paintballs

A Brooklyn, New York man was arrested for allegedly shooting his neighbor’s two dogs with paintballs because they were barking.

“This is the one that got blasted in the face,” said the dogs’ owner Pete Wojcik, as he pointed to his 3-year-old Pit Bull-Terrier mix Baby whose eye was swollen shut and whose body was covered in green spots.

1 ½ year old Birdie was also pelted with paint balls.

“I’m super angry with him, super angry,” Wojcik said.

Wojcik has been angry since Wednesday when from inside his Bushwick, Brooklyn home, he heard his dogs bark for a moment in the backyard, then something he still can’t believe.

“I heard, ‘det, det, det, det, det‘,” Wojcik described.

Wojcik said he found his dogs yelping, his porch plastered by paint bullets, and then he looked up.

That’s when Wojcik saw his neighbor, Daniel Lacin, on his roof which is three houses down.

Lacin allegedly fired 40 paint balls at the dogs in the yard because they were barking.

“He kept saying that he didn’t kill the dogs, so what does it matter,” Wojcik said.

Lacin was arrested and later released.

“I’m happy that he’s being taught that you can’t just do things like that without a consequence,” Wojcik said.

Lacin is charged with  torturing and injuring animals, failure to provide proper sustenance for animals, reckless endangerment in the 2nd degree, criminal mischief in the 4th degree and criminal possession of weapon in the 4th degree.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files

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9 years ago

humans suck

9 years ago

What an ass! Throw him in jail!

essay writers
9 years ago

dog owner = idiot!

Rabbit jerky
9 years ago

Shoot some paint balls into his ass from a short distance.

Long Beach Night Life
9 years ago

That sounds really senseless, How foolish that guy is ! Really an idiot.


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