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Australian Dog Survives Being Trapped Underground For A Week

Jessie the miracle dog

The devotion of Jessie’s owner never wavered as he moved the earth, literally, to save her life.

Jessie, a 4-year old Jack Russell Terrier from Victoria, Australia, was trapped under 45 tons of solid rock for seven days while her desperate owner Steve Porter, fought to set her free.

The drama began when Porter was rabbit hunting with Jessie last Saturday when she ran off to chase a stray cat.

To Porter this was nothing unusual as he and Jessie had gone hunting several times in the past and the dog often ran off into the distance, chasing animals. Only this time Jessie did not return.

“I thought nothing of it. I thought ‘she will come out in a while’,” Porter said.

But after hearing cries of desperation, he knew his dog was not going to come out. Trapped several meters underground, Jesse was only able to wiggle her front paws and move her head.

“To look at her, it was a hopeless situation, “ Porter said..

Incredibly though, Porter never gave up and went to extraordinary lengths to free her.

With Jessie surviving on liver that was attached to a wire and sent down into the rocks, Porter relied on Australia’s State Emergency Service unit, a massive hydraulic ram, a dog catcher loop, plus his very own sweat and tears to finally free the dog.

Once she was finally freed, Jessie ran straight towards Porter and leapt into his arms.

Porter said though there were times when he considered euthanizing Jessie to put her out of her misery, but such was his love for the dog that he continued to battle the freezing elements to save her.

After spending the night under observation at Eastwood Veterinary Clinic, Jessie, who is now an Australian media sensation, was released over the weekend in surprisingly good condition.

“I couldn’t believe she was in such good condition,” Porter said. “Neither could the vet.”

Story By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

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11 years ago

heartwarming  so happy for the dog and owner omg i can not imagen
all my lov and concrats from virginia USA


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