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Compromise Reached In Missouri Prop B Puppy Mill Legislation

In a move that could put an end to the bitter war over Proposition B, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced today that he had brokered a “Missouri solution” that will protect dogs as well as agricultural interests.

The agreement, signed by key groups on both sides, incorporates parts of the dog-breeding initiative passed by state voters last November and parts of a bill rewriting Proposition B, passed last week by the Legislature and awaiting action by Nixon.

For example, the agreement would require larger cages with outdoor runs for breeding dogs, as Proposition B sought, but it would give breeders time to meet the new housing standards.

Also, it would remove the Proposition B provision that limited breeders to no more than 50 breeding dogs. But it would retain the requirement for annual hands-on exams of each dog by veterinarians, as well as treatment of any serious illnesses.

The agreement still needs approval by the Legislature before the mandatory May 13 adjournment of the legislative session.

“People with good minds and good will have come together to develop a Missouri solution to this Missouri issue, and together we have made significant progress,” Nixon said.

“I look forward to continuing to work with these leaders as we move this proposal through the legislative process as swiftly and efficiently as possible.”

The agreement was signed by: Kathy Warnick of the Humane Society of Missouri; Karen Strange of the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners; Bob Baker of the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation; Barbara York of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association; Jon Hagler of the Missouri Department of Agriculture; and Don Nikodim, representing a group called Missouri Farmers Care.

According to the governor’s press secretary, key legislators who sponsored rollbacks of Proposition B are on board as well. Rep. Tom Loehner, R-Koelztown, called it “a win all-around.”

Story By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

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11 years ago

I totally disagree with this. the voters voted in Prop B . It should be enacted as is. I get si tired of all these backroom deals that are created because some group didnt get their way. This is just another example of missouris politics as usual. The politicians are concerned for the animals well being. All they are concerned about is what they can get out of it.

11 years ago
Reply to  Phaedron

I absolutely agree. This was a win for agriculture and a loss for all the dogs. There should be no compromises when it comes to humane treatment of animals.

Kenn Bell
11 years ago
Reply to  Phaedron

You mean “aren’t” right?

Shelley Powers
11 years ago

This compromise was anything but a compromise: it was a capitulation. The cap is removed so we can still have breeders with hundreds, even thousands of dogs. The new cage sizes are based on the already fuzzy and unenforced cage requirement laws. The vet care is only for “serious” illness or injury–yeah, sure the breeders will interpret “serious” as we interpret it. The water container must be “generally” clean–ditto on interpretation.

The cages can still be stacked as long as there is a barrier between them. Well, I wrote on how good this is

Yeah, in five years the dogs won’t have to walk on wire strand flooring…but the new laws don’t state the dogs will have a good solid floor, either.

I am disappointed in MAAL and HSMO. Regardless, they don’t speak for me. I voted on Prop B. If this compromise is any good, send it to the voters, let us decide.

11 years ago

The people voted, why is that just ignored. Why would these legislators think they know better than the people of Missouri? This is plain wrong.

11 years ago

Wonder how the people that make dogs and any animal live like this, like to live just 1 month in a cage and on wire,,,, They need to be horse whipped…..


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