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Woman Fined For Dying Poodle's Paws Pink


A Florida woman says she’s been fined $255 because of her dog’s Halloween costume!

Christine Hill says she decided to dye her poodle’s tail and feet pink in honor of the holiday.

But when an animal control officer saw the dog, Hill got a ticket for breaking a state law.

Christine hill says for fun, on Halloween, she dyed her poodle’s paw’s pink and the tip of her tail.

Christine says, “It goes on like shampoo and you rinse it off like shampoo.”

She bought the bottle of dye online and paid about $15 for it. The website says it’s specifically for dogs and you can get in any color. Christine says it always gets people’s attention.

She says, “Everyone thinks it’s cute.”

But it got the attention of an animal control officer who just happened to be driving by. Christine says, “She told me it was against the law.”

Christine was in this field across from her house when the officer stopped her. And the officer gave her a ticket for $255. And it says right here that she’s in violation for artificially coloring her animal.

Christine says, “I mean, people put clothes on their dogs and t-shirts and you don’t think twice because you’re not harming the dog.”

To read the rest of the story, click here.

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12 years ago

At first I thought this was a joke.. To fine some one for this !!! what !!! you have to be kidding that officer should have told here about the law and gave a warring but really a fine????? I am guess the officer had nothing better to do and was being a ass!!!! Christine I feel for u and yes they should be looking for people that are really hurting their animals!!

12 years ago

At first I was like “why would someone color their dog??” But I can see for Halloween. I don’t think its right to do something like that just for “looks”year round. I saw a show on tv where these stupid girls colored their little white dogs pink cause THEY thought it was cute. The dogs hated what they were doing to them you could see. In this case I dont think she should get a ticket. She didn’t harm the dog and used a pet product on him.

12 years ago

dogs also hate baths but it’s not cruel to give them one
Coloring your dog does not hurt the dog so it is not a moral issue

11 years ago

Uh huh, so when dogs are tied to heavy chains, starving, thirsty, with no human contact, it’s not a problem for the animal control. They don’t have the manpower they say, it’s not abuse they say, there is nothing they can do they say. When dogs are locked in 5’x8′ boxes for 3 years, it’s not a problem the animal control officers, police and sheriff say…”what’s cruelty to you is not cruelty to me” they say. But put a little dye on a poodle and they send the SWAT team. Wow, the world is upside down, we’re doomed.


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