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Dog Comes Back To Life After Being Euthanized

By Penny Eims for Dog News Examiner

Redford, MI – The most difficult part of owning a dog isn’t the potty-training and it isn’t the dog hair…without question, it is dealing with the painful reality of death. Even more painful than a dog’s peaceful passing is the excruciating decision to have your companion euthanized – choosing the day that you have to say good-bye.

For a family in Michigan, that painful choice has been made more difficult than anyone could ever imagine. According to WXYZ Action News, Matt Olivarez made that difficult decision last Saturday for his 10 yr-old Rottweiler, Mia.

Mia was suffering from spinal problems that were causing her pain, and making it difficult to walk. Her veterinarian recommended euthanasia as the humane choice in light of her condition.

The difficult decision was made and Olivarez watched the veterinarian administer the 2 shots to end Mia’s life. The dog closed her eyes and the veterinarian advised that she had passed. Olivarez brought his dog’s body home so that his wife and children could say their good-byes and give her a buriel.

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Janette Hamilton
Janette Hamilton
11 years ago

This is not an incredible story dude. It is a travesty of veterinary medicine. Considering the fact that the family opted to have the dog PTS to end it’s suffering, this happening is a grave form of veterinary malpractice at best. The dog may have taken a long nap and been none the worse for it, but the family now has to go through euthanasia a second time as if going through it once was not enough.


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