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Be A Part Of Dog Files Ep. 12 Pit Proud: The History Of The Pit Bull

Hector, a Vick Dog, playing with his new Dad, Andrew Yori.

Join us the morning of Oct 12, 2010 for the world premiere of Dog Files Episode 12 Pit Proud: The History Of The Pit Bull. An epic and touching telling of story behind the most maligned and abused animal on Planet Earth.

While giving you the history of the pit bull, the video also highlights two responsible, American families that have welcomed pit bulls into their lives, including a Michael Vick dog named Hector.

“This is the single, most important piece of work we’ve ever created at the Dog Files,” says Kenn Bell, Creator of the Dog Files. “I hope Pit Proud opens people’s eyes to the injustices and falsities that have been brought against pit bulls. They aren’t monsters or land sharks, like the media has portrayed them to be. They’re just dogs that want our love.”

Please help spread the word Tuesday by embedding the video on your site, linking to the post and getting the word out to all your friends. Together, we can change people’s minds about Pits and help make the world a safer place for one of man’s best friends!

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12 years ago

Pitbulls are the most loving dogs their is, they are so smart and loyal, mine is always by my side in my house she follows me everywere, my oldest one recently passed away he was 18 years old I love him like a son, they are great dogs mine loves cats and are very friendly like anything it’s what you put into it if you give them love they will give back love, then their is those people that abuse them & mistreat them those people are the animals.


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