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Dog Blown Away By Huge Storm

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From Orange

A Hungarian dog has been reunited with his owners after being sucked into the sky still in his kennel by the wind from a huge storm.

Agnes Tamas, 57, said she had chained her dog who she has renamed Lucky to the dog house when he was swept away by what she described as the worst storm anyone in her village of Gesztered can remember.

She said: “I saw the roofs of the local houses being ripped off one by one, and I ran into my garden to try and get to the cellar.

“I couldn’t believe it when the dog house flew up into the air – complete with my dog cowering inside.

“It was like something out of the wizard of Oz.”

Lucky was eventually found 20 miles away after local radio reported an appeal for him to be traced. The dog house and the chain however had vanished.

Kalman Csutor who found Lucky and called the Red Cross said: “He was pretty shaken – I have no idea what happened to the dog house or whether the wind carried him all that way – but when i found him he was 20 miles from home.”

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Alexander James
10 years ago

I can’t imagine the trauma.
Poor pupper.


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