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It’s Good To Be Bo: The First Dog’s Paw-fect First Year At The White House

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It was exactly a year ago the first pooch Bo moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, forever entering the hearts of the nation and even accomplishing the difficult task of softening the hard-nosed, sometimes tough-to-please, occasionally grumpy press who cover the White House (and also write this blog).

Bo has enjoyed what could be seen as a paw-fect (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) year as the first dog. The Portuguese water pup has gotten access to one of the most famous residences in the world. He’s frolicked on the well-manicured White House lawn with first daughters Sasha and Malia, moseyed the historic hallways, wagged his tail into the Oval Office, played football with the president and taken way-too-cute photos (insert high-pitched puppy voice here) playing in DC’s massive snowstorm dubbed “Snowmageddon.”

Moments with Bo have proven to be one of the more playful aspects of covering the White House beat, and a sometimes a welcome distraction.

The Fox News staff who covers the White House has some funny memories of the first pup from the past year:


I’ve seen and interacted (read petted and goofed around with) Bo about a dozen times. He likes to romp around the North Lawn with his White House minder in tow. Bo is given pretty wide latitude and is almost never on leash. Bo is approachable and he approaches. Like every dog, he loves to be petted and almost never barks. Bo is most surprising when he dashes up to you in the dark, which happened to me a couple of times in December and January. Bo’s little white patch of hair is virtually invisible in the dark so he can approach stealthily and, if you’re not prepared for him, give you quite a start (hint: this happened to me once….no, I didn’t pass out, but I leapt back as if I was about to step into a bear trap). But even when Bo surprises you, he’s easy to deal with. Bo doesn’t linger, though. He’s not the kind of dog that is content to laze at your feet and meditate while you pet him into sleepy submission. He’s more of the playful, darter type who comes up, says “Hi” gets 30-seconds of human affection and then dashes off to see what’s happening in some other nook of the North Lawn. And who wouldn’t if they were Bo? Also, in case you are wondering, I’ve never seen Bo relieve himself on the North Lawn. Bo, you see, is a classy dog.

To read the rest click here.

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