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Woman Chains Herself To Dog Kennel

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By Chris Dunker for Daily Sun

Amy Fox chained herself to a dog kennel inside the Beatrice Animal Shelter Monday morning.

The Beatrice woman said she decided to take action and protest after her friend’s pit bull was captured last week and had not been returned to its rightful owner because city officials deemed the animal “vicious.”

Tyson, an 11-month old pit bull, was taken to the Beatrice Animal Shelter last week after getting loose and later snapping at a catch pole while the animal control officer attempted to catch it.

According to Fox, the dog didn’t deserve to be treated as a vicious animal.

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Tracy J
11 years ago

i’m sorry, but these dog are unpredictable and dangerous. it’s sad, but weren’t they bred that way?
you hear story after story of just such a case in which the owners say “he plays with children, he’s never bitten them, he sleeps with us, he’s a gentle giant” and then…. SNAP! a switch goes off and the dog TURNS, mauling children and adults alike.
when i see one, i avoid it. and i don’t give a flip if it offends anyone.

10 years ago

All dogs would probably snap at a pole catcher if they didnt want to be caught


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