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Minnow, 'Bait Dog' From Pit Bull-Fighting Ring, Is One Of Rescue Dogs Ready For Adoption

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Minnow, who was used as a "bait dog" in a busted dog-fighting ring, has been staying at Kent County Humane Society undergoing obedience and social training.

By John Agar for The Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS — The little black dog — a terrier mix — spent most of her life terrified, locked in a small cage as a “bait dog” to train fighting pit bulls.

Tethered to a treadmill, pit bulls would try to attack the dog just beyond their reach.

“Her life in that atmosphere, was probably — gosh, I can’t even explain it — it would have been constant fear,” Dr. Wendy Swift, medical director at Humane Society of Kent County, said Wednesday.

Now nicknamed “Minnow, the playful, friendly dog is one of the most sought-after adoptees at the shelter.

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12 years ago

Ken, I have a friend in a wheel chair which is why I saw this.. it is inspirational and I believe Dogfiles news worthy. (Ricochet the surfing dog who does it for charity only).

Kenn Bell
12 years ago

It is inspirational! I posted it awhile back. Thanks!


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