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Petition Towards Stopping Puppy Mills And Dog Auctions In Ohio

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Slowly but surely, change is coming for animals in need. This process can only speed up with the help of supporters and people all around.

Animal rights advocates noted that animal abuse laws are coming to Ohio, a place where little is being done by legislators when it comes to cracking down on animal cruelty cases.

One of the best ways to help out is to sign petitions that will aid in efforts to end puppy mills and dog auctions. With hopes of stricter legislation that will stop people who run dog auctions from doing so within the state.

Those who volunteer for the group Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions are gathering signatures till Dec 1. They need up to 120,700 signatures in order to turn the Ohio Dog Auction Act into Law. Those who are registered voters in Fairfield County would account for 1,620 of those signatures. Two neighboring counties have already met their petition goals.

“We feel confident it can be done,” said Mary O’Connor-Shaver, coalition treasurer. “It’s just getting the word out.”

Dog who are used in puppy mills are kept in tiny cramped cages that are often stacked one on top of the other. The animals there are kept without medical attention and typically die in their cages.

“It’s treating a dog like it’s a commodity, a product,” she said. “It’s basically factory farming of dogs.”

O’Conner-Shaver stated that dog auctions generally take place once a month in Ohio, generally in the northeast side of the state. The goal to end the auctions are already backed by the American Kennel Club and will go to state legislators in Jan 2011. If not, voters have the chance to decide on Nov 2011 ballot.

“Everybody can get behind this,” said Pam Fauvle, a Lancaster resident. “Because who wants to see an animal treated that way?”

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10 years ago

Dog auctions are illegal in Missouri but they now auction off the dog's collar or rope and the dog is free…

10 years ago

I think this should be illegal and these people should be placed over top each other and in cramped togeather and see how they like it i think the really need harrisher laws when it comes to animal abuser i think they should get the same abuse


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