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Want To Be Buried Next To Your Dog?

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Dating back to Egyptians pharaohs, royalty were buried with their pets.

Today, according to an article in the, companion animals are family members to those who they share their lives with and many people are now choosing to be buried alongside their pets.

Before joint animal and human cemeteries were approved, owners had to be cremated in order to stay with their beloved animals.

Last week, planners in Lincolnshire, England approved a joint cemetery where owners can be buried with their pets in the same plot. This new change reflects how society today is becoming more pet friendly. Owners are seeking burials with their dogs, cats, and even horses.

According to the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria, an estimated 1.5 million dogs and cats die every year. Some 300,000 are buried in the garden, 1,000 in pet cemeteries, 100,000 are individually cremated and the rest incinerated as clinical waste.

And even our animals would like to stay with their human companion. One widely known example is a small terrier, Greyfriars Bobby. This loyal and faithful dog stayed on guard at his owner’s grave in the yard of Greyfriars Kirk. Bobby kept this up for fourteen years until his death in 1872.

However during the time period animals were not allowed to be buried on “consecrated” ground. Bobby was instead buried inside the gate of Greyfriars Kirkyard, not far from his owner John Gray’s grave.

Luckily for people today, time has changed. With the rising popularity of owners seeking burials with their companion animals, our society now allows us the option to stay with our family members that including our pets.

Would you like to be buried next to your beloved canine? Let us know in the comment section.

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11 years ago

I qould love to be buried with my dogs…all 6 of them….they ahve been my friends and companions here on earth so why not in Heaven…..I believe that when I leave this world….I will be greeted by all those that loved me and died, including all my pets….I can' t wait…

11 years ago

This thought has crossed my mind for years. And yes I would like my dog to be buried with me. I have the collar from my pet of ten years who's been gone for awhile now and I want it with me.

11 years ago

I would absolutely want to be buried with any of my babies that have gone on before me. I hope my family will make sure to hide them in my coffin before the put me in the ground.


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