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Is ASPCA New York Using Your Donations To Murder Animals? Pets Alive Thinks So.

A smiling Oreo, minutes before she was euthanized.

This is article is from the Pets Alive Blog. They are the organization that asked to take Oreo.

Pets Alive is a no-kill animal shelter, located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, about 1 1/2 hours from New York City. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place animals in need. Victims of neglect, abuse, and violence, many of them have special needs and have been rejected by other organizations.

This is NOT the opinion of The Dog Files. Simply because we weren’t there and we don’t have all the facts. What The Dog Files do believe is that if an organization steps up and volunteers to take an animal scheduled for euthanasia, they should be able to take that animal.

— Kenn

ASPCA New York: Using Your Donations To Murder Animals

Hi everyone. Matt here. At Pets Alive we are eager to collaborate with other shelters. We try very hard to set aside political views, debates over kill or no-kill, personalities and everything else, staying laser focused on the animals. They are all that matter. We will fight tooth and nail for each and every one.

You’ve helped us many times. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Many of our supporters donate to many animal welfare organizations. Many donate to the SPCA of New York City – I’m not talking about your local SPCA or the Sullivan County SPCA (good friends of ours), or the Westchester County SPCA (again, friends of ours).

I’m speaking of the New York City ASPCA – $85 million in donations last year, a President named Ed Sayres, whose salary is more than our budget for the year. They spent $10 million on advertising last year. $10 million. And we struggle to buy stamps.

Know what though? If they’re saving animals then we support them one hundred percent. And they saved 4000 last year. That’s great. That comes to roughly $20,000 an animal, but at least they’re saved, right?

You would think so. You’d be wrong.

Oreo was a pit bull mix that was thrown from the top of a six story building. She ended up at the ASPCA, who set her broken legs, fixed her shattered body and got her back on her feet. Then they killed her.

Before they killed her, Pets Alive stepped up and offered the SPCA another alternative. We offered to take Oreo to our facility and work with her. If she was adoptable we would adopt her out. If not she would live at the sanctuary for the rest of her life. That’s our standard offer.

We were thinking of dogs like Amelia. Remember Amelia? Everyone else gave up on her. We didn’t. And now she’s in her forever home. Here’s the story if you want to read it again:

Sometimes I am amazed at how naïve Kerry and I are. We expect that if we offer another animal welfare group an alternative to killing they will take it. The ASPCA was incredibly arrogant to us, to the press and to their own supporters. They hung up on Kerry three times, ignored our calls and emails, and had security guards escort a volunteer that was working with us out of their building.

Ed Sayres, their President is simply a coward.

He ducked phone calls, emails and personal visits. They refused to acknowledge the existence of Pets Alive (even though they imposed on Rob Thomas to record radio ads because of his work with Pets Alive) and our offer to help.

They killed an animal they were responsible for. An animal that had been horribly abused. An animal that had struggled back to life from certain death. A soul that had been nursed back to health, only to be extinguished by those who were charged with saving her.

The ASPCA of New York used your donations, the fruit of your labor, the reward for your toil, to kill an innocent animal. That is morally reprehensible.

When a so-called animal welfare organization that is chartered with protecting animals chooses to murder them when there are other options, they should lose the right to be called their protectors.

We are asking you to consider withholding your financial support of the ASPCA of New York City. They are not deserving of your donations or your support.

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J. Parris
J. Parris
13 years ago

I knew some one would want to take her! I am so sad to know they (ASPCA) decided to ignore that option. Thanks you for trying!

J. Parris
J. Parris
13 years ago

I knew some one would want to take her! I am so sad to know they (ASPCA) decided to ignore that option. Thanks you for trying!

12 years ago

The dog was permanently damaged the day the owner threw the dog off that roof. What a horrible person and I know this is a sad story. The ASPCA didn't want to humanly euthanize this poor damaged dog. They invested a ton of time, money, medical care, medical procedures, investagating and behavior modification on this poor pup. Unfortunitley this poor pup died the day the owner through it off the roof.

12 years ago

Meanwhile, a ton of “unadoptable” dogs are living out their lives as contentedly as possible at Best Friends in Kanab, Utah. There is too much bs that goes on in the gears of these big operations and at times, the animals they should be saving, suffer. Why in the hell did you put that dog through painful rehabilitation only to kill her? And as for “evaluation” tests, I’ve seen many good dogs fail that test and be put to death simply because they growled when the handler tried to take away their food or poked and prodded it. Or touched its paws. These are common irritants in dogs, especially in pound puppies who have to defend themselves constantly from other dogs they’re kenneled with and not reasons to kill them or deem them unadoptable.

And ASPCA, shame on you for trying to head people off at the pass with your whiny missive that amounts to :Yeah we know we’re gonna catch hell and lose donations but we did what we had to do.” That’s garbage. I suggest you head to San Francisco and take a lesson from Nathan Winograd who made his pound into a no kill shelter from day one on the job. I’ll think hard about whether or not I want to give money to you or to my local mom and pop rescues who know the meaning of trying.

Linda Walsh
11 years ago
Reply to  RedGlitter

Well said!!!  I think everybody should donate to smaller shelters that have a No kill policy and abide by that  A shelter is refuge for these poor abused animals NOT a death camp Dont support these death camps there is no excuse to put to death a rescued animal

11 years ago

Another organization that thinks living, breathing animals are disposable!! All dogs no matter how ‘damaged’ they are can be adopted out to families who have the time, patience & money to take care of a dog that will be loved and cared for

10 years ago

What a sad picture.they love you no matter what.thats what hurts.


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