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Dog 'Revives' Heart Attack Victim

Hmmm, the magical defibrillator dog?

— Kenn

From Ananova


A Polish man claims his pet dog revived him after he suffered a heart attack.

Stricken Piotr Wagner, 50, collapsed with agonising chest pains as he watched telly at the family home in Kazimierza Biskupiego.

But as Pearl – a two-year-old Jack Russell cross – turned a heart shaped patch on her flanks towards her master, he told doctors he felt the pain melt away.

A grateful Mr Wagner said: “I want everyone to know about my big-hearted dog.”

Doctors say they are baffled by the apparent cure.

“He certainly had a heart attack but it seems to have suddenly stopped and he is now healthy and back to normal,” said one.

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11 years ago

Unbelievable, What happened actually?


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