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Dog Files Viewpoint: When Being A Rat Is A Good Thing

If you like The Dog Files please join our Facebook Fan Page at Also, follow us on Twitter at When Being a Rat is a Good Thing By Nadine M. Rosin For The Dog Files Many years ago I heard that the behavioral science department of a major university did the following study: They built a rectangular maze that consisted of one straight pathway (we’ll call “A”) with six straight perpendicular pathways or rows leading off of it (rows one through six). At the end of row number six only, they placed a piece of cheese. Everyday they’d put a rat in the maze at the point in pathway A where it opened to row number one. Everyday the rat would run up and down rows one through six until he found the cheese. Eventually, the rat learned that the cheese was always at the end of row six and when put in the maze, would ignore rows one through five and go directly to row number six. The researchers let this continue for thirty days and then they moved the cheese to the end of row number two. They put their rat in the maze. As usual, the rat ran immediately to and down row number six but this time- NO CHEESE! The rat kept running up and down row number six but of course, the...

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Dog Files Viewpoint: Caring For Your Senior Dog

If you like The Dog Files please join our Facebook Fan Page at Also, follow us on Twitter at Caring For Your Senior Dog By Nadine M. Rosin For The Dog Files My greatest wish, is that every pet parent is lucky enough to someday have to face the issue of senior canine care. When my own dog, Buttons, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 8, the vet referred to her as a senior dog. Not only was I unwilling to lose my beloved canine to an insidious disease, but I remembered as a child, dogs commonly living into their late teens. So, 8-years old… middle-aged? Maybe. But senior citizen? Definitely not! How I implemented an intense holistic cleansing and nutritional regimen to successfully heal the cancer without the vet’s prescribed treatment of chemotherapy, radiation and amputation, is a whole other story. This article is about senior canine care. Since Buttons not only survived the cancer, but thrived for an additional 11 years, until passing peacefully of old age at 19, I am blessed to have some life experience with a canine elder. Of course, regardless of age, a pure, clean diet and chemical-free environment are essential for a strong immune system. Dogs metabolize everything so much faster than we do-whereas our bodies can endure a certain amount of toxic abuse for 40 or 50...

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Dog Files Dispatch: Premiere Episode Of Monthly Audio Podcast Features Johnny O From Nat Geo's Rescue Ink

Click to join our Facebook Fan Page and follow us on Twitter! I am so excited to announce that the first episode of the new Dog Files Monthly Audio Podcast, Dog Files Dispatch is live and ready for you guys to listen to. What is Dog Files Dispatch? Dog Files Dispatch is another great way for us to bring the Dog Files Community more great, practical info from people inside the dog world. In future episodes we’ll interview celebrities, dog trainers, dog rescuers, vets and much more. We’ll also have panels where we discuss the latest dog news and some times we’ll even interview people that were spotlighted on the Dog Files Video Show to give you a more in depth look at their world than we can in video. Dog Files Dispatch Ep. 1: Our first episode features Johnny O, one of the founding members of rescue group, Rescue Ink, which was featured on their own television show on the National Geographic Channel. We also interview Dog Files friend and columnist, Nadine M. Rosin, author of The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood about holistic ways to help your pooch. How can you listen to Dog Files Dispatch? The best way to listen is to subscribe on iTunes. Here’s the web link: Dog Files Dispatch on iTunes. From there, you can click on the “name” to hear the podcast...

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Dog Files Viewpoint: Don't Let Your Dog Become A Canary!

If you like The Dog Files please join our Facebook Fan Page at Also, follow us on Twitter at Don’t Let Your Dog Become A Canary! By Nadine M. Rosin For The Dog Files From Wikipedia: “Well into the 20th century, coal miners brought canaries into coal mines as an “early warning signal” for deadly, toxic gases. The birds, being more sensitive, would become sick before the miners, who would then have a chance to escape or put on protective respirators.” Is it any wonder that with the “pre green” proliferation of chemical laden household products, building supplies, and monthly flea poison treatments, that our pets are developing cancer at such an alarming rate? In addition to protecting one’s animal from constant exposure to a myriad of possible household carcinogens, just negotiating the constant recalls and dangers of an unregulated, processed pet food industry can be an overwhelming and depressing nightmare. But there’s also a deeper issue: when it comes to these everyday toxins that we have become so unconscious about and accepting of, have our cherished, innocent pets become our modern day canaries? There are MANY things we can do to help prevent our beloved companion animals from ever getting cancer. When my 8-year old dog, aka: my adopted daughter, Buttons, was diagnosed with a virulent carcinoma and given 6 weeks to live, I launched a...

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Dog Files Viewpoint: April Fresh or Potentially Toxic?

If you like The Dog Files please join our Facebook Fan Page at Also, follow us on Twitter at April Fresh or Potentially Toxic? By Nadine M. Rosin For The Dog Files Do you use chemically scented laundry detergent? Fabric softener? Dryer sheets? Think about it- If you use these products, you are absorbing the following chemicals through your skin (our biggest organ) all day long via your clothes, then throughout the night via your bedding, and finally, after a nice, hot shower with totally open pores, via that “april fresh” bath towel. These are the types of things we as consumers must start being aware of, because for the sake of “convenience” and some company’s bottom line, we are unnecessarily overburdening our immune systems and those of our beloved children and pets. Bodies don’t “get” cancer, they DEVELOP it. When the immune system is overburdened with chemicals, it can no longer maintain its natural state of vibrant health. When it is overburdened and unbalanced with unhealthy food and environmental toxins, it develops disease. When I do Toxic-free Living consultations with pet parents, even the most aware are often amazed at the amount of hidden toxins they are unknowingly exposing their entire family to. Kind of like the “skinny photo” taped to the refrigerator door: we see it for about 2 minutes and then rarely notice it...

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Dog Files Viewpoint: What Does "Holistic" REALLY Mean?

If you like The Dog Files please join our Facebook Fan Page at Also, follow us on Twitter at What Does “Holistic” REALLY Mean? By Nadine M. Rosin For The Dog Files As the rate of canine cancer continues to skyrocket, so does our passion for battling it and finding a cure. But when this terrifying disease threatened to steal my own beloved canine from me, in my vets eyes, I did the equivalent of burning my draft card and moving to Canada. Because of its dire consequences, the tumor biopsy was done twice, and my 8-year old dog, Buttons, was diagnosed with virulent carcinoma. The vet insisted that without immediate amputation, chemotherapy and radiation, Buttons would be dead in 6 weeks. After an emotional 24-hours of intense soul searching, I instead adopted the alternative medical philosophy I had been exposed to as a child- that prevention was the best cure and one should focus on the cause of disease, not the symptoms. Ignoring the vet’s advice, I immediately launched my own massive research campaign deep into the world of holistic medicine. I soon came to learn that “holistic” didn’t mean symptom treating with natural remedies in lieu of pharmaceutical drugs. It wasn’t about squelching the symptoms or waging war against cancer with alternative treatment. Instead, it meant addressing the possible causes: food, treats, cleaning supplies, flea...

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