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Dog Files Viewpoint: Caring For Your Senior Dog

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Caring For Your Senior Dog

By Nadine M. Rosin For The Dog Files

My greatest wish, is that every pet parent is lucky enough to someday have to face the issue of senior canine care. When my own dog, Buttons, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 8, the vet referred to her as a senior dog. Not only was I unwilling to lose my beloved canine to an insidious disease, but I remembered as a child, dogs commonly living into their late teens. So, 8-years old… middle-aged? Maybe. But senior citizen? Definitely not!

How I implemented an intense holistic cleansing and nutritional regimen to successfully heal the cancer without the vet’s prescribed treatment of chemotherapy, radiation and amputation, is a whole other story. This article is about senior canine care. Since Buttons not only survived the cancer, but thrived for an additional 11 years, until passing peacefully of old age at 19, I am blessed to have some life experience with a canine elder.

Of course, regardless of age, a pure, clean diet and chemical-free environment are essential for a strong immune system. Dogs metabolize everything so much faster than we do-whereas our bodies can endure a certain amount of toxic abuse for 40 or 50 years before retaliating, a dog’s body will start showing disease in 5-7 years. In my experience, it’s wise to take note of what chemical exposure there is in your own home via often overlooked things as cleaning products, laundry products, and air fresheners.

Past a certain age, supplements start taking on an even greater role and I encourage every pet parent to do their own online research of the many available choices. Personally, I had a lot of success with Yucca Extract to ease any joint stiffness or swelling Buttons had. Yucca is a natural steroid with no negative side effects and is easy to mix in food. Also, after much reading on its use in Germany and Italy on human stroke victims, I began using Alpha Lipoic Acid to help with any symptoms of CDS (doggy Alzheimer’s).

The last 3 years of Buttons’ life, I was very careful to keep a steady routine, not move any furniture, and basically keep everything in her world as predictable as possible. When the time came, we experimented with different brands of diapers. For her 18th birthday I bought a cushy, fold-up baby stroller to take with us on hikes for when she got tired. At one point, due to her aging eyesight and cognitive function, I covered the sharp edges of our furniture with foam.

Ok. Now here’s the hard part- the one that isn’t so comfortable to read, but the part that is, in my opinion, essential. Take lots and lots of photos and video- they will help comfort you through the grieving process when the inevitable happens. When Butts was 17, I bought a bunch of disposable cameras. Every time I filled one up with pictures of her, I’d put it in a box in the back of my closet. It wasn’t until months after her passing that I began having them developed, one by one. What a comfort it was to have new photos of her even after she’d gone.

Take a day here and there away from your busy life to shut out the rest of the world and really connect deeply with your animal’s spirit- to consciously and uninterruptedly just BE with this unconditionally loving soul who’s been such a deep and delightful part of your life. Believe me, there will come a time when you will be so glad you did.

Do any research about what your choices are and how you will handle the details of your dog’s body after their passing. It’s so much easier to think clearly and gather facts well before the day you are thrown into that gut-wrenching grief.

Most importantly, as much as you can, treasure each moment for what it is- find the joy in it, rather than missing what was or fearing what’s to come. I mean, our dogs never stop teaching us how to do just that, right? Having a senior canine can be so precious and such a profound learning experience. Your canine may not be bounding along the beach or scampering up the trail any longer, but your relationship will be as priceless as a rare, old cognac, and by then, you’ll undoubtedly be finishing each other’s sentences, too.

Nadine M. Rosin, Holistic Pets/Toxic-free Living Consultant, Pet Bereavement Facilitator, author & speaker.

Available for phone consultations, your next function or fundraiser

The Healing Art Of Pet Parenthood
A book about the human-animal bond, healing cancer holistically, and a new take on pet loss.

Pet Parenthood Blog
A blog with answers & information about natural healing, grief, and parenting our beloved pets.

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The Mission Behind the Book :

Helping pet parents realize we may be unconsciously contributing to the skyrocketing increase of cancer in our pets by unknowingly creating highly toxic environments in our homes.

Providing comfort, camaraderie, and validation for pet parents experiencing the devastating loss of a beloved pet.

Helping to remove the words, “It’s just a dog/cat” from the lips of non pet parents everywhere.

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    Sandra Trusting
    Sandra Trusting
    9 years ago

    I have spent long hours seeking knowledge on canine health care and appreciate articles such as this that help direct owners on how to care for their beloved dogs. A few years
    ago our lab’s health began to decline at an alarming rate, the veterinarians
    tests became excessive and where relatively unhelpful. I turned to a friend
    with a healthy 13 year old retrievers and she recommended the VitaHound Dog
    Supplement with yucca as the author here indicates the yucca really helped her
    mobility and the supplement’s other ingredients relieved the inflammation in
    her skin. This experience empowered me to seek my own expertise in being my
    dog’s health care advocate via quality dog forums has proven to be creditable.


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