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“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” – Edith Wharton

Jake and Nathan are two of the sweetest and most loveable dachshunds. They grew up with lots of kids and lots of dachshunds (my sister has three, Bailey, Vino and Jack). The holidays are always a great time with the five wieners playing together and helping the kids open Christmas gifts or lending a paw to anyone who might need some help cleaning their plate. They are so comical. I can’t wait to see the five little tails disappearing and wet noses reappearing through our new PlexiDor this holiday season!

Jake, my ten year old Dachshund.

Jake, my ten year old Dachshund.

Jake is 10 years old and his best buddy and brother, Nathan is 5 years old. Jake grew up with a traditional flap dog door until we moved in 2009 and has missed it ever since.

Our traditional dog flap needed to be replaced a few times after repeated use as it did not close correctly and heat and air conditioning would escape easily. A strong gust of wind would blow the flimsy flap open and blast us during the winter…brrr!

The PlexiDor saloon-style door panels are of a far superior quality and construction than the traditional plastic flap. Goodbye unpredictable cold winter blasts! Yay!

Nate, my five year old Dachshund.

Nate, my five year old Dachshund.

My PlexiDor dog door arrived quickly and ready for installation. I noticed immediately that the door is a strong, well constructed door in comparison to the normal flap dog door and I was excited to have it installed as soon as possible. However, it soon became obvious that its installation would be seemingly destined to be forever delayed due to errors and shipping problems relating to the storm door in which it would be installed.

After patiently staring at my boxed PlexiDor for more than 8 weeks, the storm door finally arrived for pick up and I arranged for its installation with Mr. Handyman.

Mr. Handyman installing the Plexidor into my new storm door.

Mr. Handyman installing the PlexiDor into my new storm door.

Mr. Handyman arrived on time as scheduled and began to set about installation. Jake sat attentively nearby and watched. A few times he came over to the installer to say hello (for a quick belly rub) and check things out. I decided to share my stories with the installer about the delays I encountered getting the storm door.

The storm door with the installed Plexidor being hung by Mr. Handyman.

The storm door with the installed PlexiDor being hung by Mr. Handyman.

Although it was only 12 noon, we both noticed the darkening skies. Suddenly, there was a loud crack and thunder and lightening exploded around us. I said, “I’m starting to think that someone does not want me to have this dog door installed!” and we laughed as he moved his installation work into the house. The wind picked up and rain fell heavily.

The storm ended as suddenly as it began, the sun came out and our PlexiDor was installed at last! Jake and I said our goodbye’s and thank you’s to Mr. Handyman and the fun began!

My Plexidor is done! Yaaaayyyy!!!! Now it's time to clean up. Boooooo!!!

My Plexidor is done! Yaaaayyyy!!!! Now it’s time to clean up. Boooooo!!!

At first, Jake wasn’t sure what to think of his new PlexiDor dog door. He sniffed and eyed it cautiously. He bumped the door a few times with his nose and stuck his head out and looked around. He listened for his buddy the Pug next door. It didn’t take Jake long to realize that this was his ticket to endless days of exploration and fun chasing squirrels, rabbits and ground hogs. He jumped out into the sunshine and off he went. The last thing I saw as he disappeared through his PlexiDor was his little tail wagging so happily!

At the end of the day, we closed up our PlexiDor, exhausted and headed for bed. Undoubtedly, Jake fell asleep dreaming of another fun day of unlimited exploration and fun.

As the week stretched by, I have to say that Plexidor is great! While the way the doors open did give Jake and Nate pause at first, within a few days that had figured it out and jumping through it with abandon.

We are very happy with the PlexiDor, it looks great in the storm door and the way it is built means my heating bill won’t go up the Winter.

Thank you, PlexiDor, Jake and Nate have their freedom back and that makes for very happy weiners!

Doe info about how you can get a PlexiDor for your pups, click here!