Dog Disowned For Being Gay


Jackson, Tennessee — While homophobia is not uncommon in today’s society, there has been a general move toward the acceptance of all sexual orientations. There is, at times, moments where blatant discrimination still occurs. Thankfully, no law in America allows for the killing of a human because he/she is gay, but is it different for a “gay” dog?

The dog, whose name is not identified, was dropped off at a high kill shelter after his owner decided that the dog must be gay. The behavior leading to this assumption included the dog being “hunched over” another male dog.

It is worth noting that this type of behavior indicates dominance over another dog, as opposed to attraction. Not only is the owner of this animal flawed in morals, he is also flawed in his logic. The shelter, unfortunately, does not have enough space to house the dog and if the dog is not adopted immediately then it will be put to death.

UPDATE: Fortunately, the dog has since been adopted after immediate backlash on social media sites, and in the media. The dog now named “Elton” was adopted by Stephanie Fryns, a veterinary technician, according to ABC News. While this pup may have been judged before, he will be in a much more accepting home now.

Written by Lauren Varga


  1. says

    The people who turned this pet in, should NEVER be allowed to own another pet. what a flagrant disregard for life and such a show of stupidity. While were at it lets get them sterilized also! Please don’t allow this type of ignorance to procreate. I’m glad the dog has since been rehomed, thank god he didnt get put down.

  2. says

    I cannot believe the way some people think, talk about idiotic! Well thank the lord for people like Stephanie or there would be too many dogs put down for such stupid reasons. God love ya Stephanie 😉

  3. says

    I think the owner just didn’t like or want the dog and came up with a stupid excuse to get rid of it. That being said, I wish there was a list of people who are not allowed to be pet owners. But then how would that ever be enforced?!

  4. Rose says

    That person who use to own him is an idiot and anyone who knows anything about dogs would of known it was a dominating tactic that they do and even if he was gay so what it doesn’t make him anyless of a great family addition. So if this person has kids and they told them they were gay would they get rid of their kid too.

  5. says

    You can have a child without prof that you can be a decent parent.You can have a dog or any animal without prof that you can be a responsible animal owner.So as long as,and i’m not equating Child rearing with pet ownership,just that how can we expect any better when after the senseless slaughter in the streets and homes and schools,we don’t have the courage to tighten up law’s that would save thousand’s?

  6. diane avans says

    Kudos to you miss Stephanie Fryns, I am so glad someone stepped up and adopted that poor dog. He looked so sad in that picture!!!!!

  7. Scarlett says

    Gay dog? That’s ridiculous! Obviously, the owner was clueless about animal behavior. Thank God some wonderful person adopted this precious doggie! And what a GREAT name! Very cute!!

  8. luvallanimals says

    What ignorant uncaring human being would do such a thing eughhhhh this makes me so pissed off. im so glad the boy has a new home, will clearly be so much better off and loved.

  9. Lee Ann Barnes says

    My dog does that to my Saint Bernard but I don’t think he’s
    Gay I thought that meant try to be dominant over the male

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