Point Reyes Beach.

Tragedy struck a California family on New Years Day when a man drowned while trying to save his family dog.

The couple were walking their dog along Point Reyes Beach, North of San Francisco, when a rogue wave hit all three, report some witnesses on foxnews.com

However, in a column by Christine Roberts and David Knowles on NYDailynews.com, it was reported a “sneaker wave” swept the dog into the ocean.

A passer by help the woman, while her husband tried to save the dog. The man’s body was found by the US Coast Guard three hours later.

The dog, whose name and breed are unknown at this time, was able to escape the ocean unharmed.

The Marin County Independent Journal quoted Mike Giannini of Marin County Fire Department saying: “This is an example of the old adage, ‘Never turn your back on the ocean’”.