John “Jack” Duggan in court.

In Gloucester Massachusetts a 1 year old pit bull has been killed at the hands of the one person she should have been able to trust.
The blue nose pit bull, named Xena, was cut open, her body stuffed into a duffle bag and thrown into a dumpster. Suspected in her death? John “Jack” Duggan, 26. Xena’s owner.

As reported in the Boston Herald, a surveillance camera caught Duggan disposing of the duffle bag. Upon arrest Duggan said he needed to cut the dog open because her body was so bloated with gas that she would not fit into the bag.

Police soon discovered the truth: Duggan had opened Xena’s bowels to retrieve the heroin the dog had swallowed when she was left at home alone. Gloucester Detective Steven Mizzoni wrote in his report that Duggan’s claims were a “blatant lie”.

Duggan was packaging heroin for sale and Xena ate both packaged and unpackaged heroin.

An ex-girlfriend of Duggan’s stated in the police report that this was not the first time Duggan was abusive toward Xena and another dog in the house. It is also not Duggan’s first run in with the law.

In 2007 Duggan was charged with domestic abuse and animal cruelty when he threw the girlfriend’s dog into a crate in a fit of anger, breaking the dog’s leg. Those charges were dismissed. The ex-girlfriend also claimed Duggan would punch Xena in the head and body, and once almost let the dog choke when she got her leash caught on a piece of exercise equipment.

Rob Halpin of the MSPCA told the Boston Herald: “When we hear something like this, it reminds us of just how far outside the bell curve some acts of cruelty can be. It’s just about as macabre, as horrifying as it gets.”

Duggan’s bail has been set at $20,000.00.

At least Xena cannot be abused any more.

Written by Trisha Lewis.