Pit bull puppy London had his front legs amputated after plummeting three floors from a building.

His front legs were shattered when he fell from a third story window and his paws and stomach were burned from being left on the hot pavement. He was left untreated by his owners for a month, meaning the surgery that could have aligned his bones was now too difficult and there would be a higher risk of complications.

When London arrived at Humane Society of Del Norte California, they cared for him for a month before deciding he needed special care. So the Humane Society called Amanda Giese, founder and president of Panda Paws, which assists medically needy, abused or dogs previously deemed ‘unadoptable’.

After being taken to Panda Paws, veterinarians agreed that London should have his front legs amputated and be fitted with an all-terrain front wheelchair.

But before he can be fitted with the wheelchair his stitches must heal. In the meantime however, he has taught himself to survive on just two legs. This does causes considerable strain to his back so he will still need the wheelchair to reduce the pain.

Amanda from Vancouver, Washington has said when she gave London treats and took him out onto the grass for the first time he instantly lit up. “He plays, he’s happy, he enjoys rolling in the grass just as any able-body canine would on these hot summer days.”

Dr Brandon Sherman, of Animal Care Clinic in Vancouver, donated half the costs of surgery but said London could have kept his legs if his injuries had been taken care of right away.
“This was a good option for London – he’s got a good chance of having a good quality of life.”

The costs for this procedure are still expensive, and Amanda is hoping people will assist Panda Paws in covering the $3,000 for London’s medicare care. After the recovery period and wheelchair fitting, London should then be able to go up for adoption to a very loving home once his recovery period is over.

Story by Lauren McGregor Downs

The video below is London two day after surgery.