So this week I had a few folks that were angry because I didn’t publish their comments on the DF website about the Congressman Steve King story. It was the typical left against right/right against left screaming. They both said the story was false. They both said I wrote it, which I didn’t (which makes me wonder if they even read it.) They both repeatedly tried to attack me via comments on the Dog Files site, contacting me through email, twitter and one saying hateful things about me on their facebook page. They said how dare I delete their comments when we live in a free society.

Well, I hate to break it to them, but the Dog Files has a policy of not feeding the trolls and we are only a free society to people who are respectful to me, the others folks who spend time here, and the dogs. I haven’t spent the majority of the last five years trying to help dogs, for someone to mosey on in here and cast aspersions on my character.

I didn’t delete their posts because I disagree with them, I deleted their posts because they attacked me viciously, convinced I was part of some leftwing smear machine against there man. And that tells me one thing. They clearly have no idea who I am. If they did they would that the Dog Files doesn’t do partisan politics, we do DOGGIE POLITICS. I don’t care what party you belong too, if I believe you don’t have dogs best interests in hand, I’m against you. That is it. Period.

For future note, if they just came onto the site and said, “Hey Kenn, I have to disagree with you. Check out this post, etc.” their comments would not have been deleted and I would have been happy to talk to them. But they attacked my motives and they’ve been banned.

U2's Bono and Arnold Schwarzenegger. What do they have to do with dogs? Read and find out!

If they really knew me they’d know that I actually WANT to talk and try to convert folks to our side. While I don’t always agree with how some animal groups go about their business, (I’ve had plenty of run ins with groups who’ve let their own egos get in the way of caring for the dogs), I truly believe they still have the best interests of the animals in their hearts and I know that we must put aside our differences and work together if we really want to help our cause.

So what do I believe needs to be done, so that we can protect our beloved creatures that can’t defend themselves? Well, first off we have to get past this ridiculous notion of partisan politics.

We will NEVER get anywhere with animal abuse laws or Breed Specific Legislation if we divide into dems, repubs, independents, whites, blacks, hispanics. We must be ONE group… DOG LOVERS. That is how we will succeed.

Let me give you a real world example. Bono, the lead singer of the world famous rock band, U2 decided years ago that he wanted to use his celebrity to help Africa. And one of the best ways to do that was getting first world countries to forgive these African nations of the money that they owned them. Money that would be better spent on developing infrastructure and building their respective nations.

At first, Bono went with the typical mindset. He went and talked to Democrats. And he got some help. But it wasn’t enough and he knew it. One day, while talking about his problems with Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold asked, “Why haven’t you talked to Republicans? They ARE half of congress after all.”

And that’s when Bono realized that he had fallen into the trap of believing he could predict where people’s hearts laid just because of their political party. And he made a change. He began to talk to both parties. And he talked to them as human beings.

Ten years later, Bono was instrumental in getting Republican George W. Bush, to do more for Africa than all other U.S. Presidents combined have ever done. And it all started because he listened to the Terminator. Check out a great article about Bono’s work here.

Now back to the doggies.

I’ve been building the Dog Files for five years now. I’ve seen lots of things I never thought even existed. I’ve seen such horrible abuse of dogs that I changed the Dog Files motto from, “Everything you ever wanted to know about man’s best friend” to “Showing the world that dogs deserve our love, care and respect.”

I’ve seen fake Humane Groups like “Humane Watch” created by the Farming and Agriculture Industries that believe if they allow laws to pass about puppy mills then the next laws passed will force them to be kinder to chicken and cows. They’ve successfully defeated puppy mill laws that were voted on BY THE PEOPLE, saying that that clean water and a yearly visit from a vet was too much to ask of puppy mills. They’ve also professed that some puppy mills are beautiful, clean and lovely places, yet none of us have ever seen them, (you’d think if they really existed they would publicize them).

I’ve also seen one political party go on and on about how one presidential candidate travelled with a dog on his roof, only to have to stop talking about it when they realized their own candidate, the now serving president, ate dog when he was a kid in Indonesia. Reality check, folks, these people spewing this nonsense don’t care about dogs. They are just using dogs to get you to vote for their candidate.

And that is why the Dog Files ignores this political nonsense. Because all I can see in this lame political fight is the one loser.

The dogs.

We live in a world where a women can nearly starve a dog to death and throw it down a garbage chute from 20 floors up, and may now get off with no jail time and no record.

A world where a cruel, sadistic dog killer can go on to be loved by a city simply because he may help them win a football game.

And the ONLY way we will EVER be able to fight animal abuse is to successfully maneuver through the government corridors of Washington, DC. And the ONLY way to do that is with a UNITED FRONT OF DOG LOVERS.

A united front the consists of democrats, republicans and independents. Of white folks, black folks and hispanics. Even the support of all our awesome fellow dog lovers from across the ocean. We must ALL support each other if we want to protect our dogs.


You disrespect the dogs, then you disrespect us all! United we stand, the animal lovers of America and the World! If we can join together regardless of race, party and religion, then Washington has another thing coming!

So from the bottom of my heart, I ask you to always question your elected officials, no matter their Party, before you jump on their partisan bandwagon. And to simply ask yourself, “Are they on the side of the dogs?”

Pet your pooches for us!
Kenn, Max & Remy.