It is with great sadness that I must tell you that the Belfast City Council in Northern Ireland has officially given word that they have murdered Lennox on this morning of July 11, 2012.

Despite million of pleas from millions across the world, including their own bosses. Despite Victoria Stilwell, host of Animal Planet’s It’s Me Or The Dog, offering to pay for Lennox to come live in the USA, the Belfast City Council killed Lennox.

And because they are such nice folk, they wouldn’t even let Lennox’s human family, the Barnes, see him one last time or at least get his body. They said they will send them ashes in the mail. Some say that this is because the Belfast City Council had already killed Lennox a while ago. No one will ever know unless they have an official investigation and after seeing how Belfast is run, I’m not putting money on that happening.

If you are unfamiliar with Lennox and the Barnes Family story you can read about it here.

Here’s the official statement from the Belfast City Council:

“Belfast City Council confirmed today that the dog Lennox, an illegal pit-bull terrier type, has been humanely put to sleep. This was in accordance with the Order of the County Court which was affirmed by the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal. Whilst there is an exemption scheme to which dogs of this type (pit-bull terrier type) may be admitted as an alternative to destruction, there were no such measures that could be applied in this case that would address the concerns relating to public safety. The Council’s expert described the dog as one of the most unpredictable and dangerous dogs he had come across. Over the past two years, Council officials have been subjected to a sustained campaign of abuse including threats of violence and death threats. The Council has been in ongoing contact with the PSNI in relation to that. The Council regrets that the court action was necessary but would emphasise that the safety of the public remains its key priority.”

PUBLIC SAFETY?! From a dog that has never bit anyone? Check out this photo below of the Belfast Dog Warden caught here having fun with Lennox while at court she said he’s a dangerous dog.

So what can we take from this horrible event? What will you do to get rid of Breed Specific Legislation? Personally, I see Lennox as a Jedi and a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Obi-Wan Kenobi told this to Darth Vader. “You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”

We must show the Belfast City Council that we aren’t done. We must keep calling them. We must keep emailing them. They must be voted out of office. These are truly, reprehensible people we are talking about. It was reported today that when people called them to find out if Lennox was dead, they made animal noises on the phone and hung up. Sweethearts, aren’t they? You can read about it here.

And lastly, we must fight BSL in the UK, in America, in the World. Killing dogs because of what they look like is wrong, plain and simple. Tearing family service dogs away their family, torturing him in a jail cell for two years and killing him when there are rational alternatives is pure evil.

So what will I do? I will continue working on my long form documentary based on my Dog Files short, Pit Proud: The History of the Pit Bull with more conviction then ever, knowing that I am doing the right thing about getting the word out about how wrong BSL is. I feel it’s my job to keep Lennox’s story alive and not let this happen again. Yes Denver, Miami, Ontario, I’m looking at you! Please share my short to everyone you know. Here’s the link. I’ve had requests from teachers as far away as Argentina and the Ukraine asking permission to show it to their students. Note: You don’t need my permission to show it. Just do it. Education is the cure to BSL.

I would also like to send my sympathies to Lennox’s family, the Barnes. You spent two years fighting for Lennox and for what you know is right. I’m proud to know that there are animal advocates out there as strong-willed as you are. We will never forget Lennox and all that you did to try and save him.

Because Lennox is a Jedi and good Jedi never die, they just get more powerful than you could possibly imagine! Please help us change the world! BSL must go!

And as Victoria Stilwell said in a tweet about the news, “Shame on @belfastcc.”

Lennox during happier times.

Lennox In jail where he stayed for two years.