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What could be said of my best friend, Max? Well, all I can say is that he’s always been there for me and everything I do with the Dog Files is because of him.

And before you ask, Max is a ten year old, American Foxhound/Pointer.

Max posing for the photo that would soon be used for the Dog Files Logo. He's 1 year old here and I've had him for a month.

Max sits on chair in 2008. He's 7 years old here.

Max at the Park in 2008. He's 7 years old here.

Max hears something outside the window. He's 7 years old here.

Max on the Porch in 2006. He's 5 years old here.

Max hanging on the bed in 2007. He's 6 years old here.

Max looks into your soul. He's 7 years old here.

Extreme close up of Max the hound dog. He's 8 years old here.

Max catches some rays. 7 years old.

Max celebrates the Fourth of July. He's 5 years old here.

The life of a hound dog is a good one. 6 years old.

Max in Close Up at 7 years old.

Happy Boy Max! 5 years old.

Max on the couch in 2012. He's 10 years old here.

Max carefully contemplates the universe. 7 years old.

Max's morning stretch. 6 years old.