Tom Hanks Mourns The Passing Of His Dog Monty

Tom Hanks and Monty.

Tom Hanks and Monty.

The star of such movie classics as “Apollo 13” and “Forest Gump” shared with his Twitter followers the loss of his dog Monty on January 19, posting the above image of his beloved pet with the caption “Monty. Deep brown eyes, noble demeanor, finest dog ever. A sad day. Goodbye Big Boy.”

The Dog Files would like to express our sadness in the passing of Monty. RIP.


  1. Deb_bie04 says

    I know exactly how you feel, im so sorry i can not express right now my feelings for you and your family. he was part of the family and some people just dont get it. I mourned the death of my pets, as if they were MY CHILDREN. Im sorry so for you. prayers sent your way. God bless you now.

  2. June_de_2000 says

    They are the lights of our lives.  Now he is watching over you and your family.  My heartfelt condolences.

  3. Doug says

    RIP Monty, and my sympathies to the Hanks family.  To me, there is no greater joy than sharing your life with a wonderful pup, and nothing so painful as when they pass on :(

  4. Suzy Weaver says

    It just hurts so bad when you lose your best friend. I’m still mourning the loss of my 13 year old yellow lab, Elvis. We had to say goodbye to him a year ago on 1/7. Saddest day of my life. I miss him every day. I do have his ashes in a locket I wear all the time. Helps to have him with me… So sorry Tom. Gonna take a very long time to make sense out of the cruelness of mortality.

  5. Rgvsd says

    I am so sorry for your loss. I myself recently lost my Tiffy on Dec. 2nd, at the age of 18 yrs. and 9 mos. . The pain I feel is beyond words, so I truly know what you´re going through. I am sending you a comforting humongous heartfelt hug, from one hurting heart to another.

  6. Deesdoggies says

    Sorry for your loss, been there, done that, and it doesn’t get any easier when you lose a family member. RIP Monty

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