World's Biggest Female Dog

This Great Dane is a real canine super star after officially being recognized as the world’s tallest female dog – standing 5ft 11in on her hind legs!

Weighing more than 154 lbs., Nova, who lives with owner Ann Suplee in Addison, Illinois, was only recently given the title by The Guinness Book of World Records.

Taking her place in the record books after the previous record holder died, Nova still sleeps in Suplee’s queen-sized bed like a young puppy.

Four inches taller than her father and eight inches taller than her mother, Nova eats up to 30 lbs of food a week.

“It took a lot of paperwork and a lot of footwork to secure the record, but it was all totally worth it and great fun,” Suplee says.

“I wanted to get Nova this recognition, because she’s such a good dog and she deserves it.

Now when people comment on her height, I get to reply, “’Yes, you’re right, she’s the world’s tallest female dog!’”

Inspired to go for the record after the number of comments the dog received in the park from fellow pet owners, she said she’s proud of her prized pooch.

“I call her Super-Nova and I even dressed her up in a Superman cape during the last pet parade in Addison,” Suplee says

“Nova knows her own size, but with a simple ‘excuse me’ she will move out of the way, and is very careful around my three-year-old grandson who’s now at eye-level with her tail.”

Suplee feeds her dog watermelon as a treat. The gentle giant often gets scared by smaller dogs barking at her in fright.

“We don’t know whether it was the good food we fed Nova when she was a puppy, or some throwback genes, but I think it’s all the love and affection we’ve given her through the years that made her so big,” Suplee says.